14 Apr, 2009

Bhutan – A Land Locked Country on the Roof of the World


Bhutan is a landlocked country in Asia, bordering with China, Tibet, India, Nepal and Bangladesh. It is a rather small country, almost the size of Switzerland, about 46500kil. The locals call the country Druk Yul, which means the ‘Country of the Thunder Dragon’.

The interesting fact about this country is that is unknown to most Asians. It is also the only country in the world, whose name has changed quite a few times – mostly spelling. It was first known as Bootan; the locals still call it Druk Yul, and it was also spelled Butan for some time, until it took its latest form relatively recently. The country is located up in the Himalayas, where locals live on the Roof of the World, retaining the uniqueness of their civilization intact. According to statistics, technological evolution and advent has not yet reached Bhutan, although some tourist establishments are trying to keep up with latest trends, mostly due to Western visitors.

The residents of the country, the Bhutanese, belong to the Mongolic race, mixed with other populations from nearby countries. They were mostly nomads and pastors, but established small agricultural societies due to the very fertile land. Until today, though, there are numerous ethnic groups that reside in the country of Bhutan, consisting mostly of Tibetan and Nepalese immigrants.

Bhutanese are mostly Buddhists, although the actual religion is Drukpa Kagyupa, a branch of the Mahayana Buddhism. It’s actually the only country in the world that features this religion officially in its Tantric form.

Bhutan is considered to be a flora and fauna paradise, although it is mostly known for the abundant herbs and medicinal plants that exist there. Magnolias are the predominant plant, although there are rare orchids, blue poppies –which are the national flower- and other types of carnivorous or not plants and flowers.

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