Cocos Island

03 Apr, 2009

Could Cocos Island Truly Be Another Paradise on Earth?

Cocos Island

As a tourist, you have probably heard the description “paradise on earth” several time—so much so that it is already beginning to sound like a cliché, if isn’t cliché yet. Yet this description remains to be used over and over again, mainly because while it is already hackneyed, many people—perhaps yourself included—are still looking for that one place that fits what paradise would look like in their imaginations. You have probably read a travel guide that describes a place as “paradise,” or a website describing a certain location as “heaven.” “Paradise” here would probably mean immaculate surroundings, virtually untouched by human hands. It could also mean mysterious and unusual, something unlike any other attraction elsewhere. A paradise may be a place that is not exactly easily accessible, so very few people can actually visit it. Regardless of what people think paradise should be, the truth remains: people are looking for paradise on earth, no matter how impossible it may seem.

Nonetheless, this quest for paradise may not seem too impossible. Even though there are hardly any more places on earth that remain untouched, there are still places that have that aura of being pristine. This may be due to a number of reasons, such as the very small population of the place or the inaccessibility of the location. In any case, “paradise,” according to the descriptions above, may still exist in Costa Rica, in the form of Cocos Island.

Located on the Pacific, this isolated island three hundred miles away from Costa Rica is perhaps one of the most famed yet best kept attractions of the country. It is one of the several national parks of Costa Rica, proving that the country is indeed a home to a number of beautiful natural wonders. In fact, Costa Rica has 25 national parks, including the Arenal Volcano National Park. This national park is host to one of the most popular volcanoes of Costa Rica, the Arenal Volcano. In any case, Costa Rica is certainly the place you should travel to if you are looking for a nature related adventure. With its score of parks, volcanoes, forest, and other natural wonders, Costa Rica is certainly a nature-lover’s delight.

Yet, even with all the other attractions in Costa Rica, the Cocos Island stand out. Many have called the island as the most beauty in the world, and with reason. And just like many other national parks in the country, Cocos Island is home to a number of spectacular flora and fauna. This is not surprisingly since the government and other organizations are working hard to preserve the beauty of the island. Besides turning it into a national park, Cocos Island is also included in the UNESCO World Heritage Site list, a testament to the importance of the island to the country. Also, only the rangers can stay on Cocos Island. Tourists can travel and visit the national park and can stay on the coasts of the island, but not overnight—and only with the ranger’s permission. Just the same, all of these restrictions are necessary to maintain the beauty of Cocos Island.


Of course, it does beg the question: why should you travel to Costa Rica to visit an island that you can only see for a short while? There is one good reason, if you are to choose only one reason why you should travel to Cocos Island: scuba diving.

Cocos Island is a great place for scuba diving. This is probably because of the untouched surroundings in the island, leaving the flora and fauna of the island and the marine life at its most unspoiled condition. In any case, Cocos Island is said to be one of the best places to go scuba diving, a must for experts who want to undertake the best scuba diving experience. The marine terrain together with the marine life on Cocos Island make for a very fruitful dive; the fauna and flora here grew in harmony with nature, as it is undisturbed by human hands. Therefore, the diversity of the sea life on Cocos Island is something one should see, especially for scuba diving enthusiasts. In addition, while it is one of the best places for a dive, the crowd here is not at all numerous, so travelers can enjoy a peaceful dive. With only around 1,200 divers a year, Cocos Islands remain to be a quiet sanctuary.

Some of the best places for a dive in Cocos Island include the Alcyone, the Dirty Rock, the Dos Amigos Grande, the Manta Ray Corner, and the Wafer Bay. Each location offers a unique experience, thanks to the diverse marine life of Cocos Island. For instance, the Dos Amigos Grande is known for its underwater vista, while the Dirty Rock is a good location for tourists who travel to Cocos Island to see the marine species here.

Of course, the island itself is a sight to behold. With more than 235 plant species, 400 insects, 90 birds, as well as other species, Cocos Islands is like what earth would be man did not touch or hinder with its growth. It is currently nominated on the online toll of the new Seven Natural Wonders of the World, and it is also part of the list called the Wetlands of International Importance—mainly because of the rare marine life on the island that includes some of rarest marine species existing today.

If there could be a place that deserves the title “paradise,” it is certainly Cocos Island. The Costa Rican island is probably not the tropical island you would expect from a place called paradise, but it deserves the title for a more important reason. Paradise is a place that holds the most immaculate beauty, a beauty that is unparalleled. Cocos Island—from the lush forests to the rich marine life—is certainly unparalleled. Anyone who would complain should see Cocos Island. This well-protected island is certainly out of this world. If it doesn’t deserve the title of “paradise on earth,” then no other place on earth deserves it.

Cocos Island

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