Islands of Ofu and Olosega: American Samoa’s Best

Islands of Ofu and Olosega, American Samoa

Without a doubt, the islands of Ofu and Olosega are arguably the best in the American Samoa. People are most familiar with the Tutuila island when discussing about the American Samoa. Considering that it is the largest or main island of the American Samoa, this is expected. It is also the most populous, with over 50,000 people as residents. Yet even though the Tutuila island deserves to be the more known of the islands of American Samoa (a distinction that is highly relative, since not too many people know about the American Samoa just the same), the islands of Ofu and Olosega deserves to be known as Samoa’s most majestic islands. Many say that this part of the Pacific can actually be the new frontier of tourism and that people would travel to the islands of Ofu and Olosega instead of more popular island destinations.

But seeing the beauty of Ofu and Olosega, this is not at all surprising too. The twin islands have a charm that only an untouched natural wonder can possess. With both islands having a combined population of less than 500 people, it isn’t hard to realize why the islands have that feel. Many travel books and travel guide materials have already compared the islands of Ofu and Olosega to the Garden of Eden, the first sanctuary of man when God created the world. These islands have everything one can wish for in an island paradise: pristine beaches, lush greenlands, majestic mountains, and a community that is quiet—quite unlike life on the city or other similar tourist destinations that already have a modern, fast-paced feel. To be sure, the islands of Ofu and Olosega are not yet the modern vacation paradise one would expect from a so-called “new frontier” of tourism. In fact, there are hardly any signs that show that the islands are the “new frontier.” But this doesn’t make the islands less enjoyable.

The Islands of Ofu and Olosega are part of the Manu’a group of islands, which consist of Ofu, Olosega, and Ta’u. The Ta’u island is the biggest of the three, with a population of a little more than 800 people. In any case, Ofu and Olosega are connected naturally by a narrow strait. Before, to cross between islands, people had to wait for the low tide; now, there is a road bridge connecting the two islands. Of the two, Ofu is the bigger island. Ofu also houses one of the two airports in the Mano’a group of islands, as well as the only lodge in the Ofu-Olosega islands where tourists can stay, the Va’oto Lodge.

As part of the National Park of American Samoa, there are various tours that can give visitors a glimpse of the highlights of the islands. Although there seems to be lack of facilities for tourists on the islands, this doesn’t make the islands of Ofu and Olosega insufficient as a tourist spot. In fact, it gives the islands character, making it unlike any other island destinations in the world. The culture of the Samoan plus the beauty of the islands make it a must-see destination.

Islands of Ofu and Olosega, American Samoa

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