Las Vegas

21 Feb, 2009

Las Vegas

It is not only Paris that is known to be the city of lights. Las Vegas too, thanks to the millions of flashing neon lights that seem to brighten the night sky all throughout the years. Las Vegas is a perfect refuge for those who want to build families or retire from their jobs. After all, they have a lot of entertainment choices, most notably the gigantic and well-equipped casino hotels and resorts within the area. In fact, it is a mecca for gamblers, with thousands to millions of people flocking there to win or to just enjoy the slot machines.

When to Go

Every day is always the best time to go to Las Vegas. However, you have to brace yourself for the huge number of people that go here too. There could be fewer during the months of July until August, when the temperature becomes so hot. (A good portion of Las Vegas is desert.) Most of the hotels and even restaurants would drop their prices, so you can definitely look forward to better deals. Moreover, you will have some sense of privacy. The entire city becomes alive again during the holidays, and then the number goes down again after the New Year is over.

How to Travel

There are a lot of transport modes that you can choose from. If you come from other states or even from other countries, you will not have a problem selecting an airline, as most of them have direct or connecting flights to Las Vegas. If you are traveling by car, you can pass by Interstate 15 from Southern California. You just have to be very patient, though, as there are a lot of vehicles in the area too, and thus, traffic can really be heavy.

There are also 4 different bus companies that have routes going to Las Vegas. These include Greyhound, GotoBus, LuxBus, and Starline Tours. Unfortunately, there are no more trains that go through Las Vegas, after the service was cancelled a couple of years ago.

Where to Stay

For a lot of people, Las Vegas is a very expensive city. It is—but only if you do not know how to look for an affordable accommodation. This place is actually divided into strips, and the prices of the establishments usually depend on which strip they are found. For example, those that are located in the Vegas strip are quite expensive. The accommodation cost can also be gargantuan if you choose to stay in any of the posh casino hotels and casinos in Las Vegas, though you will surely get your money’s worth, as they offer world-class amenities and services.

There are also inns and motels around the area, which are definitely very cheap. But you cannot really expect a lot of amenities, but for a budget traveler or a backpacker, it is the price that really matters.

Las Vegas

What to Do in Las Vegas

Often, the word “Las Vegas” conjures the images of casino dealers, poker tables, slot machines, chips, and plenty of money. Though gambling is one of the expected things that you can do here, there are still a lot more.
For one, you can visit the Las Vegas Art Museum, which has been around for more than half a century. It contains countless works of art and documents that will give you a glimpse of the culture and arts of its people. Near the museum is the Sahara West Library.

Your children or even you would surely enjoy the Planetarium and Observatory. It offers you an educational alternative to celebrity sightings. It usually operates during Fridays and Saturdays only, starting at late in the afternoon to early evening. There are also observation sessions for the public but only when the weather cooperates. You can also opt to listen to lectures and amaze yourself with lots of actual photos of several planetary objects. A trip here will not cost you more than $10.

The Zoological-Botanical Park is just a small zoo, and as expected, it does not hold a lot of animal species. There are only 200 species of flora and fauna. Nevertheless, it is able to compensate its size with the rarity of the breeds. You will have plenty of time to drop by here, as it is open from Mondays to Fridays at 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

For the adventurous, one should not miss testing out the Zero G (Zero Gravity), where you can place yourself in a capsule and, well, be completely weightless. This is a good tripping with your friends who want to experience what it feels to be astronauts with friends even for just few hours. However, there are two things you should take note of. This activity is not offered all the time. Reservations will depend on their available flight schedules. Most of all, this does not come cheap. It will cost you almost $4,000 for a ticket.

A nice option will be watching NASCAR competitions. Today, numerous hotels offer NASCAR packages, where you do not only get to watch the events for free but you also have very comfortable accommodation. You can shop online or in your favorite travel agency.

Night Life in Las Vegas

Come nighttime, you can opt to continue with your gambling habit, or you can hit any of the posh clubs and bars found in and outside of the casino hotels. Disco goers would surely be satisfied with the music and ambiance of these places, which are also frequented by celebrities. There are also micro breweries, where you can just drink with your friends. For those who want to have a very quiet evening can simply watch live performances like dances and concerts in theaters such as those in Ceasar’s Palace or Flamingo.

Las Vegas - Ceasar’s Palace

There are some pubs or clubs that offer VIP treatment to some guests, so if you are not on the list, then you have to learn how to wait for your turn. Otherwise, look elsewhere. There are still countless of them around the area.

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