Victor Country

19 Feb, 2009

Victor Country

Discover the True Beauty of Italy at the Victor Country

To many foreigners and tourists, Italy is just Rome. This isn’t surprising at all considering that a number of popular and important sites and attractions are situated in the capital city. However, to miss out on the beauty of Italy by sticking just to Rome on a trip or a vacation is such a waste. Italy, after all, has other cities, other attractions that Rome cannot provide or doesn’t have. So when in Italy, instead of staying at the usual hotels or accommodation in Rome, why not stay somewhere unusual, beyond what you know about Italy? Why not explore the diverse beauty of Italy beyond its capital city? Why not try to discover the true beauty of the country not just through Rome? Victor Country can provide ample possibilities for these.

Victor Country is located at Alberobello, a small town in Puglia. Puglia, on the other hand, is a region that extends far north, forming what is known as the high heel on Italy’s “boot” figure (it is said that, on the map, Italy looks like a boot). Puglia is significant in the history of Italy as it was where the last stages of the Second Punic War were staged. It is also among the country’s richest areas when it comes to archeological findings as the area had settlements even as early as the 1st millennium BC.

The hotel isn’t too big, which fits its simple but picturesque location. Victor Country properly mixes old architectural designs with contemporary furnishings. The building itself was a 19th century masseria. It has three buildings with a varied and complete range of amenities such as the restaurant and bar, an outdoor swimming pool, and a park just outside the hotel premises. What works for Victor Country, however, is how it is a only few minutes away from the center of Alberobello. As an area considered as a province, Alberobello has a number of scenic sites, mostly of the natural kind. Victor Country is mostly recommended for those who want to explore the rural side of Italy without giving up modern day comforts. There is a nearby beach from the hotel. Guests can expect prime service in this beach as Victor Country has an agreement with their management. Victor Country also has a shuttle bus service to make traveling easier and more convenient.

The rooms, of course, are just simple but adequate; nothing to fancy or excessive. But these extras are not necessary since the main focus of the rooms is the view from the outside, which is lush and simply divine, unlike anything anyone would see in the main cities of Italy. And since Victor Country is only a 38-room hotel, guests can be sure that they will get the best service from the staff. But while simple, the rooms do have free wireless Internet connection and other state of the art features.
The guests can also enjoy the newly opened Fienile massage room of Victor Country. This serves as the perfect companion to the light and easy atmosphere of the Victor Country, a great way to relax.

But of course, the best feature of the Victor Country is its location and its overall ambiance. In Victor Country, guests can experience living country, with only the essentials, without the unnecessary excesses of modern day living—all the while not taking for granted the modern needs of the modern man. Staying in Victor Country is indeed a true vacation. To top this off, the guests can experience what Italy truly is beyond the hassle and bustle of city living. At Victor Country, it is not difficult to see the true beauty of Italy.

Victor Country

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