The Thon Hotel Opera and Their Three Main Draws

Thon Hotel Opera, Oslo, Norway

Hotels are all about highlighting their main strengths to attract guests. A hotel is only as good as how they present themselves to the public—of course, how they follow through is also essential. The Thon Hotel Opera in Oslo is perhaps among the best in the city. Oslo, the largest city and the capital of Norway, is filled with hotels since it is a favorite tourist destination. It may not be as popular as London, New York, Tokyo, or Paris, but it has its share of attractions and sites to make tourism a large part of their national revenue. Of course, Oslo is visited for its European charm, its numerous parks, and historical sites such as the Akershus Castle and Fortress, the Nobel Peace Center, and the Oslo Opera House. As hinted in this list of sites, Oslo is also world renowned as the venue of the Nobel Peace Prize. The Vikingship Museum of Oslo, which is part of the University of Oslo’s Museum of Cultural History, is among a main tourist draw.

There is no doubt that Oslo is a world-class city. This may make guests and tourists think that all the hotels in the area are good because of this distinction, but, unfortunately, this isn’t the case. When looking for a hotel in Oslo, one still needs to be careful.

One of the best places for accommodations in Oslo is the Thon Hotel Opera. As the name already suggests, the Thon Hotel Opera is very near the Oslo Opera House, a newly constructed theater that is world renowned not only for the performances held there but also the structure’s scale and ambition. In any case, the Thon Hotel Opera claims to have three main draws that guests should consider: a good location, a friendly atmosphere, and a modern elegance. But are these characteristics enough to make people stay at the Thon Hotel Opera? The answer is obvious: of course.

For one, the Thon Hotel Opera is at the center of Oslo, near most of the important locations and attractions in the city, besides the Oslo Opera House. It is also near a number of public transportation sites to help guests roam around the city beyond those that are within walking distance of the hotel. Distance of prime sites in any city is an important factor when choosing a hotel. When a guest is too far the center of the city, he will have to spend a lot of time traveling just to roam and explore the city. Therefore, instead of spending all his time enjoying, he might end up using it on travel, which is such a shame and waste on a valuable trip. This is especially important for guests who are on a business trip, since their time is always limited and their schedule also tight.

The Thon Hotel Opera has more than 400 rooms, so to say that is has a friendly atmosphere can be misleading. However, the Thon Hotel Opera actually delivers. The staff of the hotel remains to be hospitable despite the hotel’s size. The friendliness of the atmosphere is essential because this helps the guests feel right at home in the city. Tourists, most especially, usually feel ill at ease when in a foreign country, so the friendly atmosphere is a very great trait.

Lastly, the Thon Hotel Opera does not lag behind top hotels in the world when it comes to facilities and service. The hotel is elegantly designed—not modernist-minimalist or traditional; just the way most guests like their accommodations. The rooms, the wellness center, and the dining facilities are also at par with the best of the world.

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