Laguna Beach, California

If there is one ideal place where art co-exists harmoniously with nature, it would definitely be Laguna Beach. This premier seaside destination is located in Orange County, California. The artist community and seaside resort is most noted and popular for its beautiful and pristine beaches, which are recognized as among the bests in southern California. Needless to say, the tourism industry is very much alive, a sufficient reason for the emergence of numerous good hotels, restaurants and unique shops. Included in the city’s attractions are world-famous art festivals and art galleries.
Laguna Beach usually swells with countless tourists more especially during summer weekends. There are more than seven miles of white-sand coves and fine, pristine beaches. Included are about 30 public beaches and 20 managed parks. However, there are still more than enough land area featuring non-crowded sand, particularly in the area outside downtown but still near Main Beach. Many people also love Laguna Beach because the city serves as a refreshing diversion from the beige-box architecture prominent in and around the rest of Orange County.


Being a part of Orange County, Laguna Beach is generally found in the southern part of the state. It is about 24 miles or 39 kilometers to the southeast of Santa Ana, the county seat and currently the most populated city in Orange County. Most of the 25.2-square kilometer area is comprised of land; about 9% of the city area is coastline water.
Because of its geographic location, weather and climate is ideal for beach activities all year long. The hilly topography has been a detriment to construction of more than enough paved roads. The Pacific Coast Highway connects the city to Newport Beach in the northwest and to Dana Point in the south. The shoreline quickly climbs into the hills and into the San Joaquin Hills canyons, dubbed as the ‘Temple Hill in the Top of the World.


Laguna Beach is historically Southern Orange County’s second oldest city, after San Juan Capistrano. Interestingly, the area where the city is right now was considered worthless during the time California just broke away from Mexico. Of course, now, Laguna Beach real-estate is considered one of the most in demand and most costly, by modern property standards.
During the onset of the 20th century, there were five homesteader families who were occupying most of the lands in the area, struggling to farm the land. In a few years’ time, the families figured out how to generate income from a land that was not suitable for farming. The five families started renting out several sections of the beaches to other farmers—from nearby towns of Santa Ana, Riverside, Fullerton and Tustin—who were finding places for recreation and relaxation during the scorching summer heat. Right there and then, Laguna Beach started as a lucrative and promising tourism destination.
In the 1920s, Laguna Beach became a prominent art community when a group of talented landscape painters discovered the natural beauty in the area. Since then, art became part of the area’s diversity and culture. Inevitably, the city was made popular among Hollywood celebrities, retirees, hippies and yuppies, who were finding exquisite residential and vacation properties. Laguna Beach has also emerged as a popular site for movies and television shows.

Tourism and tourist destinations

Laguna Beach is simply bustling with different tourism and beach activities that are most loved by regular and new visitors. As mentioned, there are 30 public beaches, unique coves, 20 parks and numerous beach resorts and recreation centers in and around the city. The most popular tourism and beach site in Laguna Beach is still Main Beach, the longest coastline stretch in the area. Main Beach does not feature a particular parking lot, but motorists always find it easy to park somewhere nearby.
Other beaches in the city are as popular. North of Laguna Beach can be found Crescent Beach, a marine refuge that is best for snorkeling and relaxing scuba diving. The huge and sometimes unruly waves are very ideal for boogie-boarding and surfing. South of the city can be found Victoria and Table Rock Beaches. Victoria Beach features a quaint tower, constructed in 1926 to facilitate a spiral-staircase access from the cliff top to the beach. Table Rock Beach is a secluded and fabulous sandy cove located at the foot of Table Rock Drive.
There are other tourism attractions in Laguna Beach. Laguna Playhouse, the oldest playhouse in all of the West Coast, is regularly providing entertainment through an intimate theater atmosphere that is best loved by theater aficionados. The Pacific Marine Mammal Center offers personal and closer viewing of sea mammals. For art enthusiasts, the Laguna Art Museum should certainly not be missed. The museum showcases interesting and unique exhibitions and features the biggest permanent artwork collections by California artists.
Tourists who are longing for lively festivals could also experience how Laguna Beach gives out its own kind of festivities. In the middle of September until the first week of October is celebrated the Laguna Dance Festival. See and join party animals and vigorous dancers turn the beach into a wide and exciting dance floor. The heat just adds up to the thriving and contagious excitement. For artists, different painters and art festivals are occasionally organized.


Typical in any beach destination is a vibrant and lively nightlife. Laguna Beach of course is no exception. Feel the heat and get involved with the most appealing, tempting and inviting night parties happening all night at the most happening places, bars and hangouts this side of the beach planet. Tourists are usually flocking around Ocean Avenue and South Coast Highway, where the most popular and tourist-friendly bars, restaurants and grills in the city are located.
Enjoy live music, invigorating dance parties, appetizing food and of course, thirst quenching booze and beverages at top nightlife hangouts. Nightlife in Laguna Beach facilitates different and unforgettable experiences. Tourists could meet new friends and acquaintances in the warm crowd. Laguna Beach is the place to be for people who aim to have a good time.

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