Vevey, Switzerland

06 Feb, 2009

Vevey, Switzerland

Vevey is a popular Switzerland city where tourists love to flock during holidays. The city boasts of a wide array of tourism offers, mainly with one common ground: Vevey is a portal to all things good and old-fashioned. The quiet but energetic city has managed to retain an old-fashioned air throughout the years, and has thus become one of the favorite destinations of vintage culture lovers. The city has also remained as one of the French-speaking cities of Switzerland.


The city of Vevey is fortunate to be located beside the Swiss Riviera and has been dubbed as one of the so-called “Pearls of the Swiss Riviera”. On its west lies the River Veveyse and the Oyonnaz on the other side. Its location also affords it a great view of the French Alps. The city lies beside Montreux, a rather loud city which is in stark contrast with the quiet and unassuming air of Vevey. Its atmosphere may not be one that draws people in with its lively and energetic activities, but the beauty of the Vevey ambience is that once people stay there, they would find it quite a challenge to leave the immersing peace of its traditional air as it mirrors a window to the past. Due to the location of Vevey, the city mostly enjoys a mild climate.

Vevey, Switzerland


The best part in the history of Vevey began at the latter part of the 19th century in what was called the belle epoch period. The grand structures and flower-filled promenades are still apparent memoirs of that particular period in the history of the city. Aside from its cultural heritage, the city’s business center also thrived especially with the founding of Nestle Food Company in Vevey’s own land.


The city is a popular tourist destination, as its entire horde of celebrity visitors also proves. Vevey is the home of many notable personalities not only in the entertainment industry but also in other fields. The city had been the home of icon Charlie Chaplin for 25 years of the popular personality’s life. Vevey is also the home country of Nestle Company; it was where Henri Nestle formed the company and currently still houses the main headquarters of the global manufacturing brand in a large building called Palais Nestle.

Aside from that, other famous people closely linked with the city includes famous poet and writer Victor Hugo, genius Russian novelist Fyodor Dostoevsky, actor James Mason, Bristish writer Graham Greene, French composer Jules Massenet, writer Henryk Sienkiewicz, politician Edmund Ludlow, Chicago Bulls member Thabo Sefolosha, historiam Peter Cowie, the first Swiss astronaut Clause Nicollier, Russian actress Olga Baclanova, classical pianist Clara Haskil, and Swiss philosopher and writer Jean-Jacques Rousseau. Jean-Jacques Rosseau was said to have frequented the La Clef, a restaurant behind the Grande Place. The restaurant and even the table at which Rosseau used to eat still remains to this day.

The city of Vevey and the Hotel des Trois Couronnes also play central parts in Daisy Miller, a novel by Henry James. Another writer who found inspiration from the remnant atmosphere of the city is Anita Brookner, a Booker Prize-winning author who penned the Hotel du Lac, a novel set in a lakeside down near the Dent d’Oche, a mountain facing the city.

Vevey is also the proud bearer of several tourist destinations ranging from quiet and peaceful lakeside promenades and bustling shopping centers. You can also find cultural destinations such as museums in between. Some notable museums that deserve a visit are the Musee Junisch Museum of Fine Arts, the Vevey Historical Museum, and the Swiss Camera Museum. Other well-known activities that can be enjoyed in Vevey share a common trait. They all balance nature, peace, and culture. Tourists can sit back and enjoy the sights from the Lake Geneva water fleets, drink afternoon teas at the grand hotels in the city, go biking or walking to explore the routes surrounding the Lake Geneva, check out museums, and simply sit back and experience the quiet and peaceful local life in the city that seems to have been left behind by the modernization of time.

As a popular holiday destination, the popularity of Vevey has been linked to the wide assortment of holiday festivals that are held in the small city practically all year round. In April, Vevey crowds enjoy the Cully Jazz Festival, a lakefront festival that lasts for nine whole days. During the summer season, the city holds the Leman Tradition festival, which pays homage to traditional Lateen-rigged sailboats reminiscent of Vevey’s rich history. Tourists can ride the old-fashioned sailboats and get a feel of life in old Vevey. And in August, a rich and lively festival called Street Artists Festival, draws in old-fashioned entertainment that revives vintage performers such as puppeteers, mimes, and jugglers.

In addition, funicular and train rides can take you tripping around the city to enjoy relaxing sights of the natural beauty that surrounds the city. The vine train can take you through the wine-growing area of the city and the Train des Etoiles or train of the stars can give you amazing overlooking sights of the city and the surrounding regions. During the winter, the city also turns into a skiing paradise especially for families who will greatly appreciate the gentle slopes of the Les Pleiades.

Staying in Vevey is also a great opportunity to immerse oneself in an old-fashioned age where dowagers and empresses still survived. This is made possible by the vintage comfort offered by some of the best hotel in the city such as Hotel Les Trois Couronnes, a 1842 hotel nestled between the city center and the lake. Although grand, the hotel has a cozy collection of 55 suites and rooms as well as an atrium and a spa.

Vevey, Switzerland


As the origin of the famous Nestle food brand, Vevey’s cuisine is mostly linked with sweets and gourmet food. Gourmet takes center stage at most of the restaurants in the city. In fact, Vevey is home to the Alimentarium or the Food Museum and hosts the Festival of the Winegrowers, a special festival organized by the Confrerie des Vignerons or Brotherhood of the Winegrowers. The festival is held only around four or five times in a century and is a wonderful festival to catch and take part of. There is no doubt that a time in Vevey would definitely give you an experience through time you will never forget and may not want to leave.

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