The Best of the Mediterranean in The Marmara Antalya

The Marmara Antalya, Turkey

What exactly does the Mediterranean have that seduces foreigners from all over the world? Needless to say, many foreigners—especially those coming from the United States—are easily attracted to pristine beaches. But beyond the beach, these tourists just love the distinct Mediterranean climate, a far cry from the cold and wet temperature of some European countries and the polar extremes of America. Most of all, however, the tourists enjoy the feel and the atmosphere of any Mediterranean spot. Note that most Americans, for example, do not get too many holidays, so they make sure that they make the most out of their free time. Hence, they go on trips—usually out of the country—to have a little rest and recuperation. The best place to this is somewhere that hardly resembles their own country and neighborhood; a place where they can forget their worries and pretend to be in a different life or lifetime; a location that will enable them to do nothing at all but just enjoy the sights, the sounds, and everything that comes with that comes closest to their personal versions of paradise. This is the ultimate charm of the Mediterranean.

The Marmara Antalya, Turkey

In essence, this is also the charm of The Marmara Antalya, a luxury hotel in Antalya, Turkey. This modern hotel is 208-room strong along with 24 Marmara Club rooms in their world renowned revolving lofts. With 15 floors, it is not hard to see that The Marmara Antalya truly is among the most prized possessions of the area. To be fair, there are several other resorts and hotels in the vicinity, considering that Antalya is a known tourist destination. But guests keep on coming back because of the hotel’s marvelous innovations (such as the revolving lofts) which break traditions and conventions, as well as the hotel’s more than magnificent view of the Mediterranean.

First, consider the rooms of The Marmara Antalya—white, bare except for the essential items such as television, desks, and other items and facilities. This design—white in color, with big windows making it easier for the natural light to illuminate the room—gives the rooms a more Mediterranean look while still adhering to their claim that Marmara Antalya is a modern hotel. On the other hand, the famed revolving lofts, is described as dramatic as it takes advantage of the area’s surroundings. These 24 rooms are situated in a tri-level building that stands on a special pool system that makes the foundation of the structure turn 360 degrees. Hence, guests get different views of Antalya at every different point of the day. But regardless of the guests stay at the exclusive loft or the standard rooms, they get the same soothing environment, the large space, and the relaxing ambience.

The Marmara Antalya, Turkey

Activities in the Marmara Antalya are mostly learned towards the outdoors. Of course, there’s the beach that is only a few minutes away from the hotel proper; the hotel provides a shutter service for guests who want to visit the nearby beach. For those who do not want to go out of their way to enjoy some water and some sun, the Marmara Antalya has the most spectacular pools this side of the Mediterranean, a perfect match with the lush backdrop. Lastly, the Marmara Antalya has a few restaurants and cafes to make sure that the guests have everything they need in the vicinity. This is make a stay at the Marmara Antalya the ultimate vacation experience.
The Mediterranean area is full of opportunities, to be sure, and the Marmara Antalya can fulfill all these and more. At the Marmara Antalya, one can truly experience what the Mediterranean has to offer.

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