The Liberty Hotel: Unlike Anything Of Its Kind

The Liberty Hotel, Boston

Most of the time, bigger hotels tend to be on the sterile side. Of course, these hotels are presumed to be more efficient and more sufficient in terms of service and quality; after all, they have their names to protect and their reputations to uphold. However, with these big hotels, everything can seem so antiseptic and boring. The staff and the crew of these hotels do their best well—the rooms are clean, the food is good, customer service is efficient—but it does not go beyond being adequate. This is in contrast to a number of smaller boutique hotels which may not have the swank features but makes up for comfort and hospitability.

This is where Boston’s The Liberty Hotel differs from a number of big brand hotels. Judging from its size, The Liberty Hotel is a considerably large affair, having more than 300 rooms to its belt—a main factor that says how large its operations are. It is also one of the best bases for meetings, private functions, and business affairs in the city, thanks to its magnificent design and the adequate space the hotel gives these function rooms. However, despite this, The Liberty Hotel remains to be a cozy, warm accommodation, making the guests feel as if they have first-class service right at the comfort of their homes.

Perhaps one of the determining factors for this is the location of the The Liberty Hotel. Located at Charles Street in Boston, Massachusetts, the hotel is near several establishments that can make the guests feel right at home. For instance, the hotel is located at the heart of the Beacon Hills neighborhood, a prime medical complex. There are also several entertainment centers, shopping malls, and outdoor recreational activity venues near The Liberty Hotel. But what makes it special is the building itself. The Liberty Hotel was once the Charles Street Jail. After renovating and reconstructing the property, The Liberty Hotel has become one of Massachusetts main destinations for people looking for luxury service. The hotel still has the old street jail’s original edifice, and this evident once one looks at the lobby and the visible higher floors.

The Liberty Hotel, Boston

As usual, there are two types of rooms in The Liberty Hotel—the standard rooms and the suites. Ranging from 400 square feet to 800 square feet, the rooms come in different categorizes as well: fantastic and ultra-fantastic, spectacular, and breathtaking. These adjectives correctly describe what these rooms are, complete with ornate ironworks and exquisitely designed four-fixture bathrooms. The suites, of course, are spacious and luxurious. All the suites have their own master’s bedroom, bathrooms, plus a separate receiving area/living room and dining area. The suites at The Liberty Hotel are 2,200 square foot in size—more than double the biggest standard room in the hotel—with a 305 square foot open terrace that provides a panoramic view of Boston’s Charles River and the cityscape itself. Needless to say, these rooms and suites have all the basic and state of the art amenities hotels have.

The Liberty Hotel, Boston

The Liberty Hotel offers meals and drink round the clock, although it is also within the proximity of the city’s most popular restaurants and bars. This makes night outs during the guests’ stay easier, even if they do not have their own transportation. These establishments include the Clink restaurant (which is within the hotel, so it has the same architecture as The Liberty Hotel) and the Veuve-Clicquot champagne bar.

The Liberty Hotel was built from the original structure of a prison, but its present-day form is far beyond what it was before. That The Liberty Hotel can create a treasure like this from the remains of an old prison says much about what it can do for its guests.

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