30 Jan, 2009


Do you know that there are more than one island that makes up the Bahamas? That gives you a lot of places where you can soak in the sea waters, enjoy some hiking into the rainforests, or shop at the stalls in the market, where you can get good finds as souvenirs. Tourism is considered to be the main source of livelihood, followed by banking. Every year, there are millions of tourists who go here, including famous personalities like Hollywood celebrities.

When to Go

Just like any Caribbean islands, there is not much difference between the summer and winter season in the Bahamas. There could be occasional cyclones, but they don’t tend to last for a very long time. For most of the time, the weather is sunny. However, if you want to be more comfortable with the weather, you may want to visit the island by March until July. After that, the weather condition can become so humid. When you want to enjoy plenty of outdoor activities, you could also go to the Bahamas by late spring.

Because of the high volume of tourists, you could be one of those who want to avoid the influx of people into the islands. Thus, you can choose to brave the heat in favor of fewer visitors and more time and space to roam the islands.


How to Travel

There are several flights that can take you from your place of origin to the Bahamas. You can find the Bahamas airports in Nassua and Freeport. You can also reach the islands through a cruise that have ports of call in the Bahamas. Thus, you can take on a Caribbean cruise, or you can ride a yacht or a boat from Florida. You should just take note of the fees that you have to pay, especially if you’re bringing your own yacht to the Bahamas.

When you want to travel from one island to another, the quickest method is through chartered flights. However, they can be pretty expensive, not to mention that there are a lot of delays when it comes to their flights. The aircraft can also be small, which may scare someone who’s used to riding huge airplanes. Another alternative will be to travel by sea. There are mail boats and yachts, which can dock from any marina.

There are buses and taxis if you want to get around the island. The buses are called jitneys, and you can find most of them at the main towns. You can also opt to rent a car, but it becomes very impossible for you to find one especially when you want to go through off-beaten paths or outlying islands. The best way to navigate through dangerous and hard roads is through scooters or bicycles.


Where to Stay

Despite the Bahamas being an island paradise, there are more than resorts and villas in here. You have bed and breakfasts, which are being operated by residents of the islands. They are also great options if you’re on a tight budget. There is also an inn and a hostel for true-blue backpackers. There are also some resorts that may allow you to set up tents, just in case you really want to save on your accommodation expenses. If you’re planning to stay longer in the islands like for days, weeks, or months, there are affordable apartments and condominiums.

What to Do

There are a lot of good things to see in the Bahamas. In fact, almost every major island here can offer you a unique sense of adventure and relaxation. In the Grand Bahama, you can go to West End, which is on the southern portion of the island. This is a fishing village and the oldest one in the entire country. You can then proceed to the Deadman’s Reef, where you can find Paradise Cove. It’s a favorite spot for snorkelers because of the majestic coral reefs that abound underneath. You will also be one of those who can discover rare artifacts that once belong to the Lucayan Indians.

The best way to enjoy Abaco is to go fishing. There are a lot of huge sports fish here, which include dolphin, sailfin, tuna, wahoo, and a lot more. Families can also opt to feed the snapper or the grouper. There are plenty of fishing grounds in the area, but if you’re not familiar with the entire village, you can get a private guide. You can also join group tours. The fees will depend on what are included during the tour. Some may offer free fishing equipment and even food and drinks. For a much lower rate, you can just avail of the guide and perhaps a map and tour information.

Crooked Island has a lot of historical sights and peaks that are worth visiting. You can begin at Bird Rock Lighthouse, which stands more than a hundred feet tall. It was built in 1872. There is also Colonel Hill, which can offer you one of the most captivating views of the island nation. One of the oldest houses is the Hope Great House, located at a plantation that was once owned by George V. There is hardly any left of the home, but there are exquisite species of plants and trees that keep the entire place alive.

It’s in the Harbour Island, where you can truly have fun under the sun. The beaches are so inviting that there are a lot of water sports activities that you want to do. You can go swimming or skinny dipping during the night. If you feel more adventurous, you can go snorkeling, diving, parasailing, jet-skiing, or cruising. There are also a number of biking and hiking trails that can lead you to the rainforests. Lastly, don’t miss out the photo tours, which allow you to get snippets of the wondrous island called the Bahamas.

Most of the people in the Bahamas are gentle and friendly, but you still need to watch out for those who are prone to domestic violence. There are a lot of police officers around, so make sure that you can run to them immediately when you feel something is wrong.

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