28 Jan, 2009


When you think of sun, surf, and sand, one of the first destinations that will come into your mind is Hawaii. This fiftieth state of America is a popular travel spot for those who want to unwind and simply lounge at the beach. Moreover, with many islands that they can choose from, it is very easy for them to seek for privacy. This state is also famous for their pineapples and sugar, though a great deal of their economy is largely dependent on their tourism and national defense.


When to Go

Hawaii has a very interesting climate. Not all islands get to experience the same weather. For example, Oahu can be raining, while the others are getting a lot of sunshine. Nevertheless, the entire year is good for a tour in Hawaii. For most of the time, the sun is up, and you have the beaches to keep you cool at all times. The summer months are usually from April to November, where the temperature can go as high as 88 degrees Fahrenheit. Winter in Hawaii is more comfortable than other states in America, so if you do not like chilly winters, you can go here.

How to Travel

It is not advisable for someone to bring his car to Hawaii since it could mean paying for the huge freight charges. There are no bridges that link any of the islands to the mainland USA. There are also no boats or ferries that can travel all the way to the islands, unless of course you are on a cruise, and you have a stopover there.

One of the best ways to go to Hawaii is through a plane. Most of the major airlines in the United States and in some parts of the world have direct or connecting flights to Honolulu International Airport.

When you want to travel from the mainland to any of the islands in Hawaii, you can still ride the plane or take a ferry from Maui to Oahu and back. Normally, there is an interval of three hours. You can also roam around the islands through buses. For you to have an idea of the bus schedules, you should get a booklet called The Bus.

If you like to ride a car, make sure that you can have it reserved days before your travel schedule. Most of the rental companies rely on the supply and demand. If there are a lot of tourists who are after their services, the prices may become too expensive for you. There are also taxis and shuttles.


Where to Stay

There are a lot of good places to stay in Hawaii. If you have enough money to spare, you can stay at the posh hotels and villas in the islands. To add more significance to your accommodation, most of these hotels are converted historical buildings and establishments. There are also bed and breakfasts, where daily rates can be cheap. If you are planning to stay for a very long time, such as for weeks or months, you can rent an apartment or a condo. Though there are hundreds of accommodation choices available, you should make sure that you have your reservation. You are against hundreds of tourist that come here every day.

What to Do

You can never tour the entire Hawaii all throughout your stay, unless you are going to be here for weeks or months. If it is your first time to be here, you can opt to select the most prime spots. These include the Napali Coast, which is found in the island of Kauai. You should also visit Pearl Harbor, which was the inspiration of the movie of Kate Beckinsale and Ben Affleck. You will find here two of the well-known naval ships, USS Arizona and USS Missouri. To get a good view of the many islands, you can participate in the Munro Trail or follow the hiking trail to Hana, which is found in Maui.

Anywhere you go, you can always look forward to plenty of water sports activities. In fact, you will never run out of choices. For starters, you can take a swim or ride on a cruise. That is one of the best ways on how to explore the Big Islands. You can also go for a chartered boat, so you can bring along your friends and family with you. Aside from swimming, you can enjoy some sports fishing, snorkeling, or diving. There are countless underwater diving destinations.

For those who have adventurous spirits, your options include parasailing, skim boarding, surfing, jet-skiing, and a whole lot more. You can bring your own gear, or you can rent. There are a lot of rental facilities all over Hawaii. On the other hand, if you do not know any of these sports, there are a lot of schools that offer worthy lessons, complete with hands-on training with a coach. Most of these courses will take hours to a couple of days. This way, you can still spend a good amount of time practicing your new moves.

Hawaii is also excellent for families. You can go to Kauai, where you can see Children’s Discovery Museum. You can even enroll your kids to a dance lesson at the Polynesian Cultural Center. At Oahu, you have Sea Life Park, which offers dolphin exhibitions to the delight of the children. The biggest aquarium is found at Maui. There are hundreds of marine species that will leave your kids in total awe and wonder.


Night Life in Hawaii

There are a number of clubs and bars that you can find in Hawaii, so you can look forward to lots of dancing and music come nighttime. There are also several open bars, where you can dine or drink beer together with your friends. However, you should be extremely careful, as most of the times, theft happens. As much as possible, you should avoid staying very long in the dark, especially if you are alone. Cars should also be left locked at all times.

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