Mon Hotel, Paris

27 Jan, 2009

Mon Hotel: A Treasure of a Find in the Heart of Paris

Mon Hotel, Paris

Paris is a popular tourist destination. This is an undisputable fact, considering the numerous sites and attractions that this beauty city has to offer. Consider the museums in Paris and you’ll know why Paris attracts so many foreigners and locals every single day of the year. Of course, Paris also has the famed and the iconic Eiffel Tower and the famous museum Louvre (which houses works by artists such as Pablo Picasso), among other attractions. Tourists and locals alike cannot help but see Paris as one of the most romantic and scenic cities not just in Europe but in the whole world; a number of works of arts, both visual and literary, can attest to this city’s astounding and inexplicable charm. It could be the city’s cityscape. It could be because Paris is always brimming with culture. In any case, there are so many things Paris can offer, hence its overwhelming tourist count every year.

So it is not entirely surprising that Paris has a number of hotels and other accommodations made and designed especially for tourists. Tourism, after all, is one of the city’s primary sources of revenue. The existence of hotels in Paris can be noted as early as the 19th century, a sign that tourism has been active in the country—and in the city—for years. Because of this, guests will not run out of choices when it comes to accommodations. Paris has plenty of those swanky, big hotels. These aren’t bad choices, especially if you are willing to spend a considerably large amount of money. However, Paris also has alternatives to those expensive accommodations. When in Paris, why not stay in a quaint boutique hotel that offers more than the usual and the standard, especially when the rates are concerned.

Mon Hotel, Paris

The Mon Hotel in Paris is one of those hotels. A boutique hotel five minutes away from the Champs Elysees, the Mon Hotel offers what no other swanky hotel can give—comfort and modernity, making the guests feel right at home while not really excluding them from the community and the environment. This is what most hotels do—staying some hotel feels as if you are staying in an entirely different place. Of course, this is a shame, considering that you are staying in Paris. In Mon Hotel, you do not feel removed; instead, you will feel part of the city, as if you have been living there for a very long time. This is how effective Mon Hotel is.

The hotel’s amenities include the typical bar lounge that offers the most delectable meals round the clock. On the other hand, the rooms have the usual facilities that most hotels have. These include high-speed wireless Internet, flat screen television, facilities for audio, air-condition, and other typical features. Of course, the most endearing feature of the Mon Hotel is the hotel itself. The hotel is very intimidate and cozy, perfect for honeymooners who simply want to enjoy each other’s company. And since it near major transportation lines, the Mon Hotel is also a convenient and practical choice. The rates of Mon Hotel are also very reasonable. In fact, most of the online reviews for Mon Hotel commend their prices.

Best of all, the Mon Hotel makes the guests and the tourists enjoy Paris itself. It is not a bad thing to check in a hotel with all the fancy amenities. But sometimes, they can distract you from why you are in Paris in the first place. It is always enough to have just the essentials. In Mon Hotel, the guests get the best of these essentials in the most appropriate atmosphere and even more appropriate price. It is truly a treasure of a hotel waiting to be found.

Average Price: $280 or €218

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