Long Island Resort in Whitsunday Island: Australia’s Underappreciated Gem

Long Island Resort, Whitsunday Island, Australia

Australia is among the most visited countries in the world, and is also among the countries that earned top revenue due to tourism. However, it is an unknown fact that Australia is an underdog when it comes to worldwide tourism. This is said because the country’s natural beauty and its attractions are not utilized to the fullest, judging from the places in the country that are favorites by a considerable number of serious travelers, but not by the general public. Of course, this fact has some advantages; for one, the residents of the country do not have to worry about ruining their natural resources due to tourism. But it is such a shame, especially for those who are already in Australia, to not see the entire beauty of this country.

Among the underappreciated areas of Australia is the Whitsunday Islandsis Queensland. This is actually an island group—an island named Whitsunday is also part of this island group (it is actually the biggest among the islands) and is a popular destination amongst overnight sailors and day visitors. The beauty of the Whitsunday islands is astounding; something that many say they do not think could exist on this planet. The sand of the Whitehaven Beach of the Whitsunday Island is pure-white, and the waters of the beach is clear blue. The water is vibrant..

Long Island Resort, Whitsunday Island, Australia

One of the islands that make up this group is the Long Island. And one of the rare establishments in this area is the Long Island Resort. This resort is popular among traveling enthusiasts because of its surreal beauty. Imagine the beaches and the lush greeneries of the Whitsunday islands—practically virginal, as if untouched by human hands—serving as the backdrop of this resort. Surely, no resort can go wrong with this combination. In fact, this is perhaps one of the major drams of the Long Island Resort. Although its services, amenities, and accommodations are comparable to the best hotels in the country, the Long Island resort is no prominent among online hotel review sites. But do not be fooled by its lack of prominence, as the Long Island Resort is just as worthy as the pristine beaches of the Whitsunday. The Long Island Resort is perfect for any type of occasions and celebrations—from parties to weddings; the island is such a marvel that it fits any type of need.

Long Island Resort, Whitsunday Island, Australia

The rooms of the Long Island Resort are all facing the beachfront, set only a few meters from the beach. This makes the perfect location to view the sunset, a romantic addition to the already perfect set-up. All rooms have private balconies (the view would be a waste without it, after all), as well as all the typical hotel features (television, refrigerator, and Internet access, among others).

Just like most topnotch resorts, Long Island resort has a spa that offers massages for the guests. The resort also offers cruises and island tours. This is a perfect way to enjoy the area, as the Whitsunday island group is composed of several islands. The best way to see them is to join a cruise or island tour, which the staff on the front desk would be happy to facilitate for the guests. As for dining, The Long Island resort has the Palms Restaurant that serves meals all day long. And added bonus is the Kid Care service of the resort. This works like a babysitting service (free of charge for hotel guests) so the adults can enjoy the beauty of the island without worrying about their children.

It is a wonder why the Long Island Resort has been under the radar for so long. But just like the Whitsunday islands, the Long Island Resort is slowly building momentum because of its beauty and topnotch service.

Average Price: $235

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