Everything That You Need, Locanda delle Corse Can Deliver

Locanda delle Corse, Rome

Regardless if you choose to book a five-star accommodation or a room at a quaint boutique hotel, it remains a fact that the place where you stay dictates the general or overall mood of your stay or vacation. This does not mean that your hotel or accommodations is the only thing that matters in your trip, but remember that it does play a huge part in it. After all, this is the place where you will be sleeping; staying during the lulls of your trip; and the place that you will be relying on for your basic needs. It does not matter if your hotel is luxurious or simple, pricey or cheap, as long as it delivers.

A very good example of how a hotel should deliver is the Locanda delle Corse in Rome. The Locanda delle Corse is not part of any chain hotel group, so it is expected that it isn’t as big as the hotels you are familiar with. But this also means that it is not, in any way, boring or antiseptic. The Locanda delle Corse only has a few rooms, and with two floors it could seem a bit small, but it is very adequate and charming.

First is the structure of the building—and the building itself. Te Locanda delle Corse is once a building used by people with horses who are traveling. This already gives this quaint hotel character and history. The hotel is divided into three buildings, and the rooms are classified into the “Sunny” rooms and the suites. The hotel promises the basic necessities any hotel delivers—parking for guests with cars, massage services, a bus shuttle for those who want to explore the innermost depths of the city, a garden for the most scenic venues of events and important ceremonies, laundry service, and other typical features.

Locanda delle Corse, Rome

The rooms, of course, should also be considered. Guests should look for rooms that are spacious and adequately (but not over furnished). In this aspect, Locanda delle Corse passes the standards. Locanda delle Corse’s rooms are equipped with the comforts you can think of. Besides being able to choose between a standard and a suite (a surprising factor, as the hotel isn’t exactly big), the Locanda delle Corse also has an LCD television, direct dial telephone, and Internet access for all the rooms. You can find these amenities in all the swankier, big name hotels—just proving that a small hotel like Locanda delle Corse can match up to the standards of those which are bigger.

Restaurants in hotels should be a standard fare, since not all guests will want to go out of the hotel premises to dine. And the restaurant in the Locanda delle Corse is a feat. Its Salvi restaurant is known to be among the oldest restaurants in Rome, as it has survived for more than 50 years. Their dishes are mainly Roman cuisines, and their specialties include tagliolino cacao e pep and fettuccine al tartufo, as well as some meat dishes including the coda alla vaccinara.

Lastly, location is important to any hotel—and Locanda delle Corse is located in one of the best places in Rome. Locanda delle Corse is within the center of Rome and is near several attractions—a must for tourists—and business centers—a must for business travelers.

With this, it can be said that a small hotel like Locanda delle Corse can be just as efficient and as charming as other that are supposedly bigger. In hotels, bigger can, but isn’t always, better. Sometimes, a hotel like Locanda delle Corse is the better choice.

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