Kempinski Hotel Corvinus: The Gold Standard in Budapest

Kempinski Hotel Corvinus Budapest, Budapest

Budapest is considered as a major hub not just in Hungary but in Central Europe. But beyond this, of course, everyone knows that Budapest is among the world’s most beautiful cities—and one of the most renowned in Europe. It has a number of UNESCO World Heritage sites, such as the Buda Castle Quarter, the Andrassy Avenue, and the Millennium Underground Railway (the first in Europe), among others. Because of this, Budapest is among the most visited cities in the world—a staggering 20 million visits the country every year, a feat considering more supposedly popular cities and countries with more accessible attractions (such as beaches) are less popular with the tourists. This may have something to do with its European charm, making it an inevitable stop in any European tour. Or this may have something to do with its historic attractions, which never fails to attract tourists and foreigners around the globe. Nonetheless, Budapest is a very notable city in world tourism, a city one should not miss to visit once the opportunity arises.

A hotel that matches the magnificence of Budapest is the Kempinski Hotel Corvinus. This luxury hotel, with more than 300 rooms, is a member of Hungary’s The Leading Hotels of the World, due to its impeccable service and amenities. Of course, this is how it should be; after all, Kempinski Hotel Corvinus is the first hotel of its kind in the city, and perhaps even the country. The hotel describes itself as “boldly modern,” perhaps as some sort of contrast to the general cityscape of Budapest, with its antiqued buildings and streets. Guests of the hotel say that the general atmosphere of the hotel is inviting and relaxing; something that one can feel even as you enter the lobby. The lobby is well-lighted and spacious, with no unnecessary clutter to help the staff attain maximum efficiency as guests enter the premises.

Kempinski Hotel Corvinus Budapest, Budapest

The rooms are generally spacious and so light, as could be seen in the lobby. Light colors ascend the entire room, giving it a cozy and warm aura. Adequately furnished regardless what type of room the guest gets, the accommodations face or overlook picturesque views—such as the Erzsebet Park or the courtyard—for the pleasure and enjoyment of the guests. All rooms, of course, have the usual room amenities (it considers itself a world-class hotel, after all), as well as some state of the art facilities such as fax and PC connections, an infotainment system, and wireless Internet connection. The Kempinski Hotel Corvinus is perhaps one of the few hotels in the city that offers Internet connection, making it the clear choice for individuals who need to stay in touch during their stay in Hungary.

The Kempinski Hotel Corvinus is also proud of its Kmpinski Spa, an amenity that even the locals frequent. This health center offers massages, steam baths, saunas (aromatic and Finnish), as well as an ice fountain, state of the art showers, a gym, and a bar. The Kempinski also has a juice bar so guests can rehydrate themselves after a go at the gym or at the sauna.

And speaking of nourishment, the Kempinski Hotel Corvinus has a number of restaurants and bars that can be considered as the best in Budapest. For example, the hotel’s Bistro Jardin offers smart dining for those who simply want a good meal, while their Ristorante Giardino is a renowned fine dining restaurant in the city. All these offering establishments offer amazing views which can certainly whet your appetite.

Kempinski Hotel Corvinus is a popular tourist choice and a popular business center for locals. Of course, this is no shocker. Kempinski Hotel Corvinus calls itself a treasure; with all these features, it certainly is.

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