Enjoy the World’s Most Famed City in Jumeirah Essex House

Jumeirah Essex House, New York

They say New York is a city unlike any other. New York is perhaps the most famed and the most popular city in the world, thanks to it being prominent in popular culture. For instance, director Woody Allen’s most important films, “Annie Hall” and “Manhattan,” are set in New York. The popular sitcom “Friends” is set in New York, as well as the popular comic book “Spiderman.” And this is expected—New York can be considered as the city of all cities, the city that never sleeps. After all, it is a leading global city, among the most populous in world, and is known as a powerful force when it comes to culture and entertainment, as well as commerce and finance. It also houses a number of popular landmarks, making it a prime spot in United States’ tourism industry. These spots include the Statue of Liberty, Central Park, and Broadway.

Jumeirah Essex House, New York

When planning a trip to New York, one should choose a hotel that it just as famed as the city. Jumeirah Essex House on Central Park can fit this very different category. Built in the 1930s, the Jumeirah Essex House has become a prominent fixture in the city, thanks perhaps to its history and its reputation. For instance, it has been said that Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie actually owns the penthouse apartment of Jumeirah Essex House. Many popular figures, such as composer Igor Stravinsky, lived in the Jumeirah Essex House. It is also a prominent fixture is some of the world’s most popular artworks, such as the “Lunchtime atop a Skyscraper” photograph.

Today, the Jumeirah Essex House is no different; in fact, it still remains to be an important part of New York City. It was currently owned by the Jumeirah Group, which took charge of renovating and refurnishing the hotel, so it will be able to keep up with the times. Still, Jumeirah Essex House remains a homage to its classic Art Deco motif (Art Deco was popular during the mid-1920s until the end of the 1930s, characterized by combining many art movements and styles in architecture and interior and industrial design). This way, Jumeirah Essex House remains to be what it was, yet still being able to effectively satisfy the customers today.

Jumeirah Essex House, New York

The Jumeirah Essex House is a popular choice among tourists and guests because of its prime location. Located on Central Park, the hotel is only a few minutes walk away from sites such as Broadway, the Upper West Side, and other popular New York sites and attractions. This 43-storey, 515-room hotel is the perfect place for those who want to explore New York and what makes it the famed city that it is today.

The rooms, of course, have the same classic and modern combination, as done by the Art Deco motif. Jumeirah Essex House’s rooms have custom-designed furniture to add character to the accommodations. Of course, the flat screen satellite television (with a touch screen control pad) and the other state of the art features are added features that could make anyone’s stay to remember. There are various rooms to choose from, depending on the guest’s needs (rooms or suites) or preference (would the room face Manhattan or Central Park?).

The Jumeirah Essex House is a AAA Four Diamond hotel, arguable one of the most luxurious and most elegant hotels not just in New York but in the whole country (perhaps even in the whole world). Considering its reputation and its history, it should be. And the Jumeirah Essex House does not disappoint when it comes to this respect. So when in New York, there is a better choice other than Jumeirah Essex House?

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