Beauty and Functionality Combined in Hotel Silken Puerta America, Madrid

Hotel Silken Puerta America, Madrid

Many are surprised and astonished to see a structure like the Hotel Silken Puerta America to exist in Madrid. After all, not too many people see Spain as the country of modernity. However, it is important to note that Spain is also a popular tourist spot, and Madrid is one of its main attractions. After all, a number of world renowned sites can be found in this city, which is the capital of Spain. These sites include a number of museums (Museo del Prado, Museum of the Americas, and the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of San Fernando, among others). Hence, it is not at all surprising that a hotel like Hotel Silken Puerta America exists in Madrid.

But why is there a commotion and hype over a hotel? Simple: because Hotel Silken Puerta America is truly a marvel both as an architectural site and as a hotel. Many previous guests of the hotel have said in various online hotel review sites that the design of the hotel alone is enough reason to visit. First, the edifice of the hotel from the outside is already a site to beyond. But beyond that, what sets this hotel apart from other hotels not just in Spain but in the world is its concept of differentiating each floor of the hotel.

Hotel Silken Puerta America, Madrid

Hotel Silken Puerta America has 13 floors, and each floor has a different design. For instance, the fourth floor of the hotel is called the Plasma Studio, due to the use of glasses to create an illusion of being inside a crystal. On the other hand, the 10th floor, the Arata Isozaki-designed floor, is themed after prominent Japanese designs. This floor is bleakly (but aptly and appropriately) designed and furnished, with black and white as its main color motif. A quick peak at this floor would reveal that it is Zen-like, although it actually imitates traditional Japanese households, where excessive is not tolerated due to the lack of space. Another brilliant example of the uniquely designed floors is the Marc Newson floor. This theme, located at the sixth floor, plays with the theme of comfort and luxury of simplicity using red as the main color theme of the main hallways of the floor.

Hotel Silken Puerta America, Madrid

Needless to say, with each floor designed differently, the rooms are also designed differently as well. Because of this, staying at the Hotel Silken Puerta America is like venturing into an unknown terrain, even when one stays at the hotel for a number of times. Of course, the guests are given the choice of floor where they want to stay. They are also provided with pictures to serve as their guides. These floors and rooms are designed by the best decorators and designers in the industry today, so the guests can be sure that they are not merely designed as a form of experiment or artistic movement. The designs serve both the function of beauty and comfort. The designs may seem over the top when described through text or seen through photos, but they do not go overboard; they do not border kitsch since everything here has a function.

Hotel Silken Puerta America would not be renowned if all it has going for it is its exquisite design. This five-star hotel, a 342-room structure, also boasts of impeccable service, room amenities, as well as hotel services and functions as such as the usual hotel restaurants and cafes, spas, fitness center, swimming pool, and other services typical of hotels like the Hotel Silken Puerta America.

Nonetheless, Hotel Silken Puerta America is a hotel unlike any other. It is simply a class of its own in terms of service and function, and beyond what people are accustomed to when it comes to design and aesthetic beauty.

Average Price: $340 – €250

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