Fernie, British Columbia

Fernie, a small town in Canada, used to be a coal mining center. In fact, it was the main source of livelihood of its early settlers. However, as time passes by and there are more people who decided to change their source of income or move closer to the city, coal mines closed. However, the legacy still remained, as the abandoned mines, heritage centers, and town museums continue to attract thousands of visitors every year.

How to Travel

If you come from other countries or provinces, you can take a flight to Calgary and travel all the way to Fernie. However, you may find that there are no public transports here. You should have your own mode before you can conveniently navigate around town. You can also ride a free shuttle, which can be provided by the ski mountain resorts in the area. You can also ride a Kootenay taxi, which is very easy to spot because of their purple color. The transport cost is just $3. You can verify their schedule through their website. You can also hitchhike, but make sure that you can only do so on the hitchhiking post.

Fernie, British Columbia

Where to Stay

The town is very small, so there are limited choices when it comes to your accommodation. You’re lucky if you choose to stay in the ski lodge, which is located at the Canadian Rockies. They also have one huge full-service hotel called Fernie Standford Resort. It is equipped with family-oriented and fun activities such as indoor pools with water slides, gyms, and a restaurant.

If you don’t have much money in hand, you can simply stay in hostels, where you have two choices. These include Samesun hostel and Raging Elk hostel. They offer budget-friendly hotels, where you can select a dorm room or a private room. Most of their rooms are equipped with cable television. They also have very big kitchens, Internet connection, and laundry amenities. They also have a fireplace and a reading area, where you can settle when you want to a quiet evening. When you have some winter gear, you can keep them in a locker. Some hostels also provide guests with free parking.

Do you have an RV? You can select a camp or a parking area where you can park it. Majority of the grounds available are filled with facilities that will make your stay more comfortable. You can also lessen your accommodation expenses, since you don’t need to rent a room. It’s also very easy for you to move from one place to another.

What to Do in Fernie

Fernie, British Columbia

Fernie is popular for its ski resort, where thousands of locals and tourists would go to for some adventure. There, you can go skiing, snowcat-skiing, or snowmobiling. There are several terrains that you can choose from, so players of all levels can enjoy. The ski area is currently located 5 kilometers over the center of the town. You can bring your own equipment or choose to rent them from the facility.

However, skiing is not the only thing that you can do in Fernie. For one, you can go mountain biking. The biking trails come in different forms. For example, if you’re already a veteran, you can settle for the muddy terrain, which can provide you a level of difficulty that you can be looking for. For the novices, they can opt for the simple off-beaten paths. The good thing about mountain biking is that it often leads you to the other side of the town, such as ranches and farms in the valley.

If you don’t like to bike, you can then hike. You can start at the provincial park known as Mount Fernie Provincial Park. You will not miss it, as it’s the only landmark you will see once you get at the end of the town. Most of the people here would decide to camp or enjoy some down time with families and friends through picnics. However, there are also hiking trails that can lead you to deeper parts of the forest. You will not only see wide varieties of plants and trees, but you can also encounter several animal species. Few examples include elk, deer, and bear. You also have other hiking trail choices just in case the park proves to be too populated for you. These include Mount Bizzaro, Mount Trinity, and Cedar Valley.

Would you like to enjoy some tee time? You can have a grand time hitting golf balls at the country club, one of the oldest that you can find in British Columbia. It was created during 1918. There are several playing fields that you can get into, not to mention that you’re offered with one of the most beautiful views of the entire Rocky Mountains.

Besides golf, you can also engage in sports fishing. The Elk River, which flows through to the town, have more than 25 tributaries, filled with countless sports fish, which include whitefish, cutthroat trout, and bull trout, among others. You can rent a boat, or you can bring your own. This is a good activity for fathers who want to bond with their sons or for friends who want to compete on who gets the most number of fish.

Of course, you simply can’t ignore the rich history of the town, and what better way to experience that than to take a trip to its historical museum. This establishment is presently housed in a rectory of a very old church. In here, you can find the greatest collection of mementos of the town, which include pictures, documents, and items that can tell you about the history of coal mining. There are also household items like furniture that are currently on display.

Fernie offers one of the most laid-back vacations you’ll ever have in your life. Most of your nights can be spent in pubs where you can drink beer or do pools with your friends. You can also settle for a quiet dinner with your loved one in any of the restaurants within the area.

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