Hotel Diva: A Hotel Brimming with Character

Hotel Diva - Personality Hotel, San Francisco

To say that a certain hotel has “character” may seem obvious. After all, in order to lure or draw guests, a hotel has to be attractive—to a certain extent. The hotel needs to be aesthetically pleasing to project a sense of uniqueness and being special to the guests and the visitors, especially the tourists. And at the same time, the hotel has to be functional. Although the hotel is beauty and adequately designed, it must not forget its primary function: to provide comfort to the guests who are staying even for just one night. They must feel as if they are just at home; but at the same time, they should be able to enjoy certain amenities that will enhance their experience.

However, to say that Hotel Diva in Los Angeles has “character” is an understatement. Located in Los Angeles, the Hotel Diva dares to call itself the “Personality Hotel” because this is what exactly this quaint but sufficient accommodation has to offer—personality and character vis a vis comfort. Hotel Diva is perhaps one of the first hotels in the area—or even the country—to try differentiating itself from the competition. As the name already suggests, the hotel tries to convey the concept of sensuality in every detail of the rooms.

Hotel Diva - Personality Hotel, San Francisco

The idea of Hotel Diva is to create a room that is “different” from all the other hotel rooms available. Hence, guests and visitors will not see the usual bed-receiving area-television set combination in a cramped area that most hotels employ. The space of each room are exceeds that of other hotels, in order to provide comfort to the guests and, at the same time, allow the hotel to use unusual design concepts. The design of the rooms is chic and modern, but always easy on the eyes. The design does not hinder with the overall function of the room. The overall feel of the rooms is sexy, seductive, which makes it perfect for couples who want to stay in the marvelous city of San Francisco. But this is not to say that the Hotel Diva is only for couples—the hotel has a special Kids Suite designed for children. The interiors of the Kids Suite are totally different from the other rooms, to help children enjoy their stay in this marvelous hotel.

The furniture items in the rooms include a black leather sofa bed and a king-size bed, along with grey metal tables. Each room, of course, also has a flat screen TV and an office area separate from the room itself—perfect for businessmen or anyone who needs to do their business in a comfortable and conducive atmosphere.

Besides the rooms, Hotel Diva takes pride of its other amenities. It has a meeting lounge, for those who want to use the Hotel Diva for their business or professional transactions. They also have several diva lounges, created and designed by some of Los Angeles’ most talented artists. Some of these lounges include the “Design Within Reach Lounge,” a room with decorated with only the most essential items such as sofa beds and tables. Their designs are unusual, to say the least, but also accessible even to those who are not keen on contemporary designs.

Besides the state of the art facilities and eye-catching design, Its location is also one of the most prized advantages over other hotels in the area. Situated in the heart of the city, guests can easily access Los Angeles’ most famed destinations.

Hotel Diva is an effective proof that putting a premium on aesthetics and design do not always hinder with function and practicality.

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