16 Jan, 2009


“Relaxation” is the word that describes Fiji Islands. It offers you a beautiful getaway from the hectic lifestyle of the city. What’s more, with over 100 islands that you can choose from, someone who’s wishing for some privacy will never be a problem. Every year, there are thousands of honeymooners, lone travelers, businesspersons, families, and friends who drop by here to enjoy some down time in the middle of the sand and sun.

When to Go

In general, Fiji possesses a very beautiful weather. For most time of the year, there is enough sunshine, and the water’s temperature can be between 25 and 28 degrees Celsius, which is just as perfect when you want to go diving or snorkeling in any of the islands. However, during the months of April until November, it can get so hot and humid that it can be annoying or uncomfortable sometimes. Moreover, during the months of November and April, there can be some hurricanes or cyclones that will build up and affect the islands.

The best time to enjoy Fiji is November and March. By this time, the weather is not too hot and that the temperature will just be between 26 and 30 degrees Celsius. You should also pay attention to the islands you’re going, as the weather may vary.


How to Travel

There are two main ways on how to reach Fiji Islands. The most convenient and fastest method is through plane. There is two airports that can cater to international flights. These are Nadi and Suva Airports. There are also a number of airlines, especially those coming from the Asia Pacific, that have direct flights to Fiji. If you’re from the United States, you can travel through LAX and then to Fiji. South Koreans, meanwhile, can simply book a flight from Incheon International Airport to the island nation. You can also ride a boat from Australia. If you’re on a cruise, you can dock your boat or yacht in any of the four ports of call in the country. However, you have to ensure that you should be properly cleared by customs.

You will find that there are a lot of good choices when it comes to transportation mode in the country. There are buses, which can be very cheap. Private taxis also abound. If you’re traveling with your family or friends, you may find the shared taxis to be the most ideal transport. It can accommodate as many as 8 people, and it can take you from one point to another. There are also rental cars that you can avail.

There is almost no traffic in Fiji, but you will have to brace yourself to a severe case of air pollution. This is because most of the vehicles here make use of diesel. If you’re running a car, you should maintain a speed limit of 80 kilometers per hour, especially if you’re running in smaller towns, where roads can be very narrow. You should also slow down once you pass through road humps.


Where to Stay

There is always an ideal accommodation for every person that visits Fiji. If you’re on a honeymoon or demanding some privacy, you can select any of the exclusive resorts that are scattered all over the islands. You may have to spend more, but you only get to mingle with fewer people, save for the staff of the accommodation. You will also be treated with beautiful sceneries. For those who don’t have enough money or would like some sense of adventure, there are budget hostels that you can find in towns. There are dorm types for people who are traveling in a group. There are also beach resorts for backpackers, where they can simply set up their tents in order to minimize their accommodation expenses. Moreover, they have private bungalows that are also affordable for a middle-income traveler.

What to Do

As the waters of Fiji may lure you to various activities that you never have time to check out other sights, you may want to spend your first couple of days visiting land-based attractions. You can go to the Arts Village, which is located at Pacific Harbour. This is where you can experience the culture of the Fijians though their daily dance performances called mekes. You can also participate in their pottery demonstrations, or you can just buy their products and use them as your souvenirs.

Fiji - Siva Subramaniya Temple

You can also go to Nadi where you can find the biggest Hindu temple in the country. It’s called Sri Siva Subramaniya Temple. Everyone is welcome to visit and worship, but you have to ensure that you can practice decency and respect, particularly if there are worshippers. In Suva, you will find the Fiji Museum, which contains one of the biggest historical collects in all of Fiji. And while you’re at it, you can check out other well-known places such as the Botanical Gardens, Albert Park, Roman Catholic Cathedral, University of the Souht Pacific, their handicraft center, and the government house.

There are also a lot of shopping centers in Suva, where you can discover more great finds that will be perfect gifts to your loved ones back home. But if you wish to spend less for these items, you can wait for the open-air market, which happens every Saturday.

Most of all, be brave enough and take part of a Fijian diving experience. The waters of the islands are just teeming with plenty of marine life, and the corals are just blooming, which makes the under water one of the best places you could ever be during your vacation. You can also opt for snorkeling, swimming, fishing, and caving. Furthermore, with a lot of islands that you can go to, cruising will always be one of the most incredible activities here.

There are also a lot of festivals that you can look forward to in the island. For more information about them, you can go to Fiji Visitors Bureau. To give you an idea, though, you can participate in Bula Festival by July, Sugar Festival in September, and Hibiscus Festival in August.

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