Hotel Birger Jarl: A Hotel of Pleasant Surprises

Hotel Birger Jarl, Stockholm

The website of Hotel Birger Jarl claims that it aims to (pleasantly) surprise its guest. In a country like Sweden and a city like Stockholm (where the hotel is located), this may seem like a difficult task. For starters, there are already a number of great brand and boutique hotels in the city, also any hotel that tries to be different still have to contend with the competition doing the same thing. And beyond attracting the interest of guests, what about the service of the hotel? Does it pay more attention to the surprise element instead of focusing on the quality of its accommodations and its service? Are surprises really necessary?

Fortunately, the surprises worked to the advantage of Hotel Birger Jarl. What’s novel here is the fact that it places the surprises on more solid, formidable roots. While this may seem contradictory, this merely means that while the Hotel Birger Jarl bills them as surprises, they are in no way out of place or inappropriate. For instance, the name of the hotel may already attract attention, especially to those who know a little Swedish history. Birger Jarl is one of the founders of the city of Stockholm. This is already provides a clue to what Hotel Birger Jarl has in store for its guests.

Hotel Birger Jarl, Stockholm

Hotel Birger Jarl prides itself for being the first hotel in the city—and perhaps even the country—to use contemporary Swedish designs. This is a big step for a hotel like Hotel Birger Jarl, especially when other hotels aim to be more universal or global in terms of design. For instance, the theme or design of the whole hotel is based on the Swedish Falu red color which alternates with the color of autumn leaves. These colors display the warmth of the city as well as the natural surroundings of Stockholm.

The Hotel Birger Jarl has 235 rooms in varied classifications. The hotel offers the usual standard rooms and business rooms, as well as designer rooms. As the name suggests, these rooms are designed and furnished differently compared to the other rooms. No one room is created the same, so a stay at the hotel’s special designer rooms is an experience to remember. The designer rooms display the talent of various Swedish designers who created the interiors and furnished the rooms according to their artistic visions. A unique feature of the Hotel Birger Jarl is the retro room. This room (specifically room 247) has a 70s feel to it, although more eclectic. It is important to note, however, that the designer rooms and the retro room, while somewhat unusual, are still comfortable; their designs do not hinder its main function in any way.

Hotel Birger Jarl, Stockholm

Many guests have also noted that Hotel Birger Jarl is a great base for business and professional functions. This is because of the hotel’s conference rooms, which are created so professionals can have a proper venue to conduct their business. There are various conference rooms in the hotel according to their functions and their sizes. This only means every type of need is covered by the function rooms of Hotel Birger Jarl. And as a base for such events, their restaurant is adequate enough to serve every type of tastes. Of course, for those looking for other dishes and restaurants, there are a number of establishments around the hotel.

Other features and amenities are also adequate and can be comparable to the best hotels one can think of. Hotel Birger Jarl is an appropriate example proving that surprises in themes and staying within the basics can prove to be a workable combination. In this respect, Hotel Birger Jarl is indeed a hotel of many pleasant surprises.

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