Cancun, Mexico

15 Jan, 2009

Cancun, Mexico

Cancun is an island that forms part of the Yucatan Peninsula. It also belongs to Mexico. Because of its exquisite natural beauty, it’s becoming to be one of the most well-loved tourist spots in Southern America. It is also very rich in history, as it’s considered to be the portal to Mayan civilization. If you’re looking for an incredible journey in Mexico and love adventure, you will have better chances of getting what you want at Cancun.

When to Go

For most part of the year, the sun is shining. However, if you love to truly enjoy your vacation, you may want to travel to Cancun sometime in December and April, when the sun is shining brightly and the temperature is around 30 degrees Celsius. However, if you don’t like to be around too much people, then these are not the perfect months for you. Moreover, the prices of accommodation at this time can be too high. You can look forward to better economic choices come after Easter, where several hotels will be dropping down their prices. However, the weather can also be so hot. Avoid going to Cancun during the months of October and June, since the island will be more prone to typhoons.

Cancun, Mexico

How to Travel

The good thing about Cancun is that there are already excellent modes of transportation going there. If you’re from the mainland, you can ride a ferry or charter a yacht or a boat. There are also airport links from Cancun to several parts of America. If you’re from the UK, you can even charter a flight for a price of around £100.

When you’re in the island, you can hail a taxi or ride a bus, which is a cheaper transportation option. It’s not recommended for someone visiting in Cancun to use or drive a car, since the roads can sometimes be too complex. Some portions are well paved, while others are filled with too many potholes. You will also be met with heavy traffic. If you have booked a hotel with a free airport service, you better make sure that the driver is found right outside the airport.

Cancun, Mexico

Where to Stay

It’s expected that you already have made your reservation even before you visit Cancun. There are thousands of people who visit here every day, so you might assure yourself of a place to stay. However, just in case you have not yet, you can hit the hotel zone, called as such because of the presence of countless hotels in the area including Aquamarina Beach Hotel, Sun Palace, and Moon Palace Golf and Spa Resort. You have to keep in mind, though, that most of these hotel chains are five star and thus very expensive. You are guaranteed of superb customer service and world-class facilities.

If you don’t have much money with you or you’re trying to save your funds for something else, you can hit downtown, where there are more average-priced hotels, motels, and inns. They may not contain as many facilities as those that can be found in the Hotel Zone, but they provide you with more Mexican atmosphere. Those who are in the island for privacy and relaxation should consider choosing an accommodation that’s found outside the city.

Where to Go

Cancun is all about adventure, and you will never run out of things to do once you’re in the island. To get a taste of the Mexican culture, you can enjoy a bullfight at the center called Plaza de Toros. The area is usually open during Wednesdays. However, if this is going to be too harsh for your taste, you can choose another good alternative, and that is to watch ballet performances, which usually center on the history of Cancun in particular and Mexico in general. The activity is held at Cancun National Convention Center.

Mayan civilization could have been so alive in Cancun because of the presence of several artifacts that are related to them. In fact, there are many well-preserved ritual sites. To know more about their lives, you can go to El Ray, which contain numerous Mayan ruins.

However, the best way to enjoy your stay in Cancun is to have fun in the waters. You can always fish and enjoy getting several sports fish, such as barracuda, grouper, marlin, and a lot more. You can rent a boat or a yacht. You can also take a swim or dive on the many coral reefs. You can also find several caverns under the water, which only add more excitement to the activity.

You can bring your kids to the interactive aquarium, where you can observe the different marine species that populate the waters of Cancun. The center also has an open-air section, where you can interact with some of the subtler species directly.

Night Life in Cancun

In Cancun, the party is 24/7, though you will more likely hit their clubs and bars at night. They have what you call the superclubs, which don’t only provide good food and music but also amazing performances such as circuses and bikini competitions. You will commonly find huge video screens in the area too. You can also choose to go to an open bar, where you will likely pay as much as $40 for an entrance fee. It will also cover all the drinks that you’re going to take.

It’s highly normal for entertainment establishments in Cancun to open late at night and close as early as 6 in the morning the very next day, so you better make sure that you have prepared yourself for lots of dances and meeting of other people. You will also get to enjoy the night if you can offer a decent tip to your waiter. He will definitely take care of your needs for the rest of the night.

If you want to spend a very quiet evening, be sure that you can arrive at a restaurant very early, before they star to play hip-hop and trance music. Even these places can become filled with party poppers once late night sets in.

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