HM Jaime III Hotel, The Perfect Mediterranean Destination

HM Jaime III Hotel, Palma de Mallorca

People usually associate Madrid or Barcelona to Spain. This is not surprising at all, considering that Madrid is Spain’s capital, and Barcelona is the second largest city in Spain. But while this perception shouldn’t be a problem, it is a shame to consider other people when visiting Spain. The fact is, Spain is not just Madrid or Barcelona—Spain is such a beautiful and diverse country that it has a lot of offer to both foreign tourists and locals. Among the other cities and attractions that are worthy of attention is Palma de Mallorca.

HM Jaime III Hotel, Palma de Mallorca

Palma de Mallorca is the country’s top eighth city, an important city since it serves as a major port on the islands and its autonomous community, the Balearic Islands, of which it is the capital. Like most parts of the country, Palma (as it is also called) served as a major venue for many historical events. Remember that Spain was among the major forces during before and during the 19th century, so it is inevitable that one of its port cities was a major part of its history. Of course, beyond what happened in the past, Palma is now an important part of the country because it is among the top tourist spots in the country. The city is part of the Mediterranean, hence the existence of pristine Mediterranean beaches in the area. The combination of the Mediterranean feel and the historical backdrop of the city make Palma a must to visit.

Hotel Jaime III is part of the center that serves as the reason why Palma is such a hit among foreigners craving for the Mediterranean sun. Hotel Jaime III, a modest 88-room structure, is located at the center of Palma. This quaint hotel has become one of the favorites of foreigners since it embraces both its Mediterranean and Spanish influences. The combination gives Hotel Jaime III a vivacious and lively aura—light and comfortable, but also colorful and full of character.

HM Jaime III Hotel, Palma de Mallorca

The hotel has three types of rooms: the doble room, the triple room, and the suites. The doble room—doble, meaning double—obviously has double or twin beds, while the triple room has three. On the other hand, the suites have double beds and a receiving/sitting area. Of course, all rooms have satellite television, fully-equipped bathroom, and other commonplace hotel amenities. The suites, and some of the doble rooms, have balconies which offer a breathtaking view of Palma.

Hotel Jaime III takes pride of its location, which is really at the heart of Palma. From Hotel Jaime III, one can go to various attractions such as the Almudaina Palace, the Cathedral, a number of galleries restaurants where foreigners can try the local Mallorcan cuisine, shopping centers, and other interesting Mallorcan sites. Of course, if the guests do not want to go out of the hotel to dine, there’s the Café Restaurant Constanza inside the hotel premises. The restaurant promises to have a dynamic menu for all types of customers—from the picky tourists to the adventurous foreigner. The dishes change with the seasons, making the restaurant more exciting. Constanza also serves breakfast buffets and special mineral, medicine, and therapeutic water—the perfect companion for those sumptuous dishes. Their coffee is 100% Arabic, while their tea menu is diverse (items include herbal teas to custom-made blends).
Hotel Jaime III is aware that it is not a big, swanky, brand name hotel—and it certainly tries to match their service, with spectacular results. This favorite among foreigners deserves to be part of the nucleus of Mallorcan and even Mediterranean tourism, thanks to its great service and appropriate facilities.

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