Hayman Island Resort: A Hidden Gem

Hayman Island Resort, Australia

The description “hidden gem” can be considered an overused term when it comes to tourism. This pertains to locales, areas, and places that are supposedly not properly appreciated by the people. It is either they do not attract the same attention as places with equal or lesser beauty or their beauty is not fully discovered or utilize. Perhaps this “hidden gem” term is used to often that it has already lost its luster; but there are times when it still holds true. For instance, Australia is full of hidden tourist gems. These places attract a substantial group of tourists, but rarely beyond those who know about the place because they are learned travelers. One such place in Australia is the Hayman Island resort.

The epitome of an actual hidden gem, the Hayman Island Resort is located in the Great Barrier Reef. This is located off the Queensland coast and is known the world over for being the largest single structure created by living organisms. It is part of the UNESCO World Heritage and is named as among the seven natural wonders by CNN. But the Great Barrier Reef, as anyone could have guessed from the description, is no hidden gem (although a gem nonetheless). In fact, it generates billions of Australian dollars thanks to tourism revenue.

Hayman Island Resort, Australia

The Hayman Island Resort, on the other hand, is a hidden gem because it is billed as a private resort. It has already received praises from the press not just in Australia but internationally as well. The resort says it among the most renowned private island resort in the country. This claim is true, as the only way to reach the resort is through their on transportation service. Guests can either ride Hayman’s seaplanes, helicopters, and launches to reach the resort. Hayman Island resort has 212 guest rooms, penthouses, suites—and a beach villa. All the buildings and the structures in the resort are no higher than four stories, creating a relaxed atmosphere. The entire resort is spacious to further the cozy and homey feel of the resort. The rooms have the same philosophy, although they offer something that differs from the usual resorts. All rooms have different niches—for instance, there is the Pool Wing (with Pool Access and Pool Rooms), for those who want to enjoy the resort’s swimming pool. Of special note is the Retreat Wing, with rooms that face the resort’s secluded gardens instead of the beach or the pool (perfect for guests who want privacy, such as couples on a honeymoon).

Hayman Island Resort, Australia

One should not leave Hayman’s Island Resort even without trying their renowned spa center. Their Spa Chakra Hayman is said to be one of Australia’s premier spa destinations (if not the only premier spa destination in the country), and it certainly does not disappoint. Their programs and selections are tailored to fit anyone and everyone, and their services and facilities (a comprehensive spa program, several treatment rooms, a meditation suite, state of the art saunas and steam rooms, a hair salon, and other similar programs). Also not to be missed are the restaurants and bars of Hayman’s Island Resort.

Reviews of the resort claim that guests will feel as if they do not have to lift a finger during their stay at the Hayman’s Island Resort—they will only feel completely relaxed and pampered. Obviously, from all these features and services, that isn’t far from the truth. After all, Hayman’s Island Resort has everything going for it: an exclusive location, an amazing backdrop, and world-class services and amenities. If Hayman’s Island Resort cannot be considered as a hidden gem, then no other hotel or resort can be classified as such.

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