Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

12 Jan, 2009

Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

Rio de Janeiro is one of the largest cities in the South American continent. Once the capital of Brazil during Portuguese occupation, the city is home to a lot of attractions to make a holiday away from home and work feel satisfactory. Find out how you can make the best of your vacation in Rio de Janeiro.

Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

The Botanical Garden

The Botanical Garden - Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

The Botanical Garden in Rio de Janeiro is the Portuguese royal family’s version of the gardens that were popular in England and the American continent at that time. The family decided to select a location between the coastal rain forest of the Mata Atlantica and the Rodrigo de Freitas lagoon. The location was ideal for its irrigation value, which is important when building a botanical garden.

From the past until the present, the Botanical Garden has provided respite and serenity for the weary souls of the city. This makes it ideal to start your Rio de Janeiro holiday. It has a varied collection of flowers including bromeliads and orchids, as well as fruit trees which in itself intensive. In fact, the Botanical Garden is home to several major species of trees and plants in the entire country. Some specimens were imported from other countries as well.

Do check out the royal palm allee, the de facto symbol of the royal Botanical Garden. You can also check out the many varieties of bromeliads in the Garden’s bromeliad glass house.

Due to its proximity to a rain forest, it is not uncommon to see monkeys, toucans and other rainforest animals leaping and flying in the canopy of three leaves overhead.

Marlin Yacht

If you’re into fishing or simply cruising around on the sea, then you should pay a visit to the Marlin Yacht. Even if you simply want to look around or take pictures, the yacht has something for you.

Take some time to view and be marveled at the business of the port. It is a docking place for hundreds of vessels, predominantly made up of wooden fisherman’s boats. From boats that need rowing to 40-feet seacraft, you can find one here. Commercial traffic is busy as well; it is not uncommon to see oil tankers and military battleships from a vantage point in a bridge near the harbor.

Fishing is another activity that you can do at the bay near Marlin Yacht, where you can fish for squid, small snappers and saberfishes. If you are fishing on your own yacht you have to be careful about not trespassing in military restricted areas. Large commercial vessels also have right of way which you have to observe or be smashed to smithereens. You also have to compete with locals fishing for the market, and as a tourist you have to be careful about not upsetting their fishing quota.

Be careful not to venture into the back part of the harbor if you’re not cruising with expert help. You could run aground or get caught in one of the tidal surges that the channel is known for.

Sugar Loaf Mountain

Sugar Loaf Mountain - Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

This cable car ride up to the granite mountain will surely be worth the while for anyone who is interested in cityscape and landscape photography. In fact, anyone who wants to see a panoramic view of the Rio de Janeiro in broad daylight will want to experience this breath-taking view.

The mountain is noted not only for its panoramic view of Rio de Janeiro. Rising over 396 meters above sea level, the mountain is one of many granite and quartz mountains around the city. Visitors can also watch rock climbers practicing their craft in Sugarloaf and in two other mountains: Urca’s Mountain and Babylon mountain. There are four routes in Sugarloaf Mountain itself. If you are interested in rock climbing you might want to check any of these routes.


Corcovado - Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

This is yet again another mountain in the city of Rio de Janeiro that you definitely shouldn’t miss. It is another granite mountain similar to Sugarloaf but it is higher. It rises over 710 meters above sea level. It is particularly famous for one defining feature: the statue of Jesus Christ holding his arms wide at the crown of the peak.

The statue is so famous that several prominent people have paid a visit to it. These include the late Pope John Paul II, Pope Pius XII and Princess Diana of Wales.

Access to the peak is provided by electric trains. One train can hold up to 360 passengers and takes about 20 minutes to reach the top. It is best to go there early since the waiting line grows every hour and there are only two trains to accommodate passenger heading for the statue. There are several ways to get to the statue from the terminal: by escalator, elevator or through the 223-step stairway.

The best day to visit Corcovado is during a sunny day. There is little to no cloud cover than can obscure your panoramic view of the city. You can look at fellow granite peak Sugarloaf Mountain and the city itself. Take the chance to meet some fellow tourists and locals; the Corcovado is so popular that it is never silent and abandoned.

Just like Sugarloaf Mountain, Corcovado is also a prime rock-climbing location. There are 54 climbing routes in the south face of the mountain.

Garota de Ipanema Store

If you think Hong Kong is the best place to shop, you might want to rethink that when you’re in Rio de Janeiro. The city is home to a trendy store, which they call “Garota de Ipanema.” In here you can find a lot of things to shop for, but its collection is comprised mostly of things that feed the vanity of a person including flip-flops, t-shirts and bikinis.

This the best place to visit if you’re on a summer holiday in the Rio de Janeiro. If you don’t have a bikini or would want to add one to your collection, the Garota de Ipanema has something that you would surely appreciate.

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