Casa Fuster Hotel: An Attraction in Itself

Anyone who has been to Barcelona will say that the highlight of their stay was the city itself. Of course, the attractions and the cities are worthy sites to see in Barcelona, the beaches in the area are true to its reputation, and the city life is unique and colorful. But beyond that, it is the city that enchants the guests and tourists. Barcelona is just full of culture and life and character that one can simply just stay in the city to enjoy their Spanish vacation. This is how the beauty of Spain works; its varied cultures and influences, its rich tradition and history, its superb and magnificent attractions are so divine that Barcelona itself becomes a separate, almost living entity.

Casa Fuster Hotel, Barcelona

This is why Casa Fuster Hotel is among the more popular hotels in Barcelona, the second biggest and second most populous city in Spain. Barcelona is known for its almost ancient streets and city structure, dating way back a century ago. Anyone who knows their world history would know that Spain (along with Portugal) was a significant world power during the 1600s. This would explain the structures and buildings in the city that was built way beyond its time. Of course, today, they may seem out of place in any country; however, in Barcelona, these antique structures and building add charm to the city. Casa Fuster Hotel is housed in a building that was built over 100 years ago. Restored and updated, it is now one of the most sought-after accommodations in the country. Guests call this 95-room hotel charming and exquisite, adjectives that aptly described the luxury hotel that Casa Fuster Hotel is.

Casa Fuster Hotel, Barcelona

Casa Fuster Hotel boasts of its intricate architecture, highlighted by marble arches and pillars, as well as ironwork balconies and turrets. What adds character to this 100-year old structure is that it is located in a modernist landmark. While it does not look out of place, the Casa Fuster Hotel would seem as if it belongs in a different time—a more beauty, relaxed time, that is. Because of this, guests of the Casa Fuster Hotel feel as if enter a different era when they enter the mere lobby of the hotel. Adding to this feature is the rooftop swimming pool, one of the Casa Fuster Hotel most prized attractions. As an outdoor rooftop pool, guests can enjoy the dazzling cityscape of Barcelona.

The rooms reflect the same theme that is evident in the whole hotel. Furnished with top of the line furniture pieces and equipment and features (such as climate control, satellite television, free Internet connection), guests can still keep in touch with the rest of the world while enjoying the pleasures of living like a Spanish king during the 16th century. As expected from a five-star hotel like Casa Fuster Hotel, their rooms are properly but not excessive furnished. They are offer more than enough space for the guests.

Casa Fuster Hotel, Barcelona

And what is the use of being the king of one cannot enjoy the perks? In Casa Fuster Hotel, there are plenty. For starters, the Casa Fuster Hotel offers top of the line fitness equipment as well as spa, sauna, Jacuzzis, and steam rooms—perfect for those who want to take it slow. Their restaurant is also among the finest in Barcelona, serving the most delectable Catalonia dishes together with international dishes to satisfy all kinds of palate. Their restaurant, the Galaxo, is fine dining at its best.

Of course, being a luxury hotel, the service of the Casa Fuster Hotel is topnotch, to say the least. But what really attracts guests—and makes tourists come back year after year—is the unique experience of enjoying Barcelona at its best.

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