Barcelona, Spain

10 Jan, 2009

One of the largest cities in Spain is the city of Barcelona. It is also the capital of Catalonia, an autonomous community in Spain. This city is also the most populated one in the same community and is also a major port for Europe as well as for Spain. This city is also an economic hub that houses numerous industries, has the second biggest airport in the country and is shrouded in history as well as culture. The city also houses the Catalan Government since it is the capital of the community. Barcelona is also known to have hosted the Summer Olympics in 1992 and is a popular tourist destination up to this day.

Barcelona, Spain


This city is found on the Iberian Peninsula on its northeastern coast and faces the Mediterranean Sea. It is also found in between the Llobregat and Besos Rivers and has the Serra del Collserola to the west of it. The city is bordered by France and is found to the south of the famous Pyrenees. The city lies on a plateau that measures 170 square kilometers or 66 square miles with 101 square kilometers or approximately 39 square miles being the city’s land area. The city is also home to hills that are now neighborhoods with names like Putxet, Carmel and Rovira. The highest point in Barcelona is the Tibidabo peak which is found in the mountains that cover the area’s northwestern side. This peak measures 1,680 feet high or 512 meters and holds the Torre de Collsedrola on it. Visitors to Barcelona can enjoy the various terrains and sights here with gardens, parks, mountain ranges, hills and the sea all in one beautiful package.


If there is one thing that Barcelona and Spain have, it is a lot of history. The name Barcelona comes from the word Barkeno which is an ancient Iberian language. The city held a few different names in the past, specifically in the middle ages, which included Barchenona, Barcalona, Barchelona and Barchinona. How the city came about is basically told in legends. One of the more popular legends about how the city was built included the name of the legendary Hercules while another legend told of Hamilcar Barca being credited for the foundation of the city. While both legends did have Barca in them, the story that had Hercules in the picture only had Barca as a rebuilder of the city and had him renaming it after his family. The city of Barcelona is peppered with ruins that show Roman occupancy and other similar conquerors like the Visigoths and the Moors. All of these many different conquerors have given Barcelona the kind of historical air and impressive ambiance that is truly all its own.

Climate and Weather

Barcelona, Spain

Lying on the Mediterranean Sea, the warm summer breezes without humidity is what attracts many to colorful Barcelona. This city is a year round favorite since even the winter months are fairly dry and inviting. Although this region will have rain throughout the year, the lack of humidity makes it less oppressive. The driest months are in late winter and early spring, which arrives in March. The old adage that April showers bring forth spring is true, as the highest precipitation Barcelona sees is usually during this month. Because of the drier climate near the Mediterranean, foggy weather is rare, but may occur during early spring. Snowfall during winter is not uncommon, with white, powdery flakes that make Barcelona glisten. The temperate climate of this region is one of the city’s attractive qualities. The lack of humidity helps drive the tourism so vital to its economy.


The main source of income for the city for a very long time has been manufacturing and while it still contributes a lot to the coffers of the city, it has been surpassed by the services sector to date. The manufacturing sector of Barcelona includes such industries like textiles, pharmaceuticals, electronics and chemistry. The services sector includes the publishing and telecommunications sectors as well as the computers and logistics sectors. The city is also a main port for both commercial and cargo ships and is a prime venue for international as well as national events. It is also known for being a major fashion hub for the region. Living in Barcelona is pretty costly, in fact, it ranks as being one of the most expensive cities to live in Spain. It is also the 31st most expensive city to live in the world.

Barcelona, Spain

Tourism and Culture

Barcelona is a tourist destination for both local and international tourists due to the number of interesting places a person can go to and enjoy here. The city has parks and beaches in abundance not to mention quite a huge number of museums and ruins to explore. There are a total of 68 parks all over Barcelona and beaches that stretch a total of 4.5 kilometers. These beaches get a regular replenishment of sand due to the storms that remove the sand from its shores and the parks of Barcelona are categorized into a few distinct types. There are botanical parks, historic parks, forest parks and urban parks.

Also included in the list of attractions that you can find in Barcelona are cultural venues and structures like museums, unique architecture, artistic performances and sports. There are a huge number of museums you can visit here and a lot of old structures that have an interesting past as well as an impressive construction. You can visit a lot of cathedrals and churches, watch concerts and plays, enjoy the thrill of the games or simply bask in the culture that is uniquely Barcelona.

Barcelona is also a place where you can enjoy fine cuisine, local delicacies and sumptuous seafood. There is a wide array of food choices to be found here with small cafes, open air restaurants and first class dining establishments that serve delectable meals for those who crave for a delicious meal. There are also clubs and lounges tourists can go to while away the nights. Choices range from piano bars to disco clubs to old taverns and cocktail lounges.

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  1. Under “Climate and Weather” it states: “…the Atlantic Ocean is but a stone’s throw away…” in reference to Barcelona’s location.

    However, Barcelona is nowhere near the Atlantic Ocean, but rather adjacent to the Mediterranean Sea.

    The Atlantic is on the Portuguese side of the Iberian Peninsula. The next closest major body of water would be the Cantabric Sea/Bay of Biscay…

  2. Hello Isabel,
    yes you’re right .. it’s a mistake of one of the former writers and I didn’t saw it ..
    Many thanks for your comment ..
    Sorry for the inconvenience

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