09 Jan, 2009

Paris, the capital of the biggest country in Western Europe France, is home to more than 10 million people. It’s also the center for business and shopping, and contains numerous world headquarters.

Paris is called by a lot of names. For the hopeless romantics and the honeymooners, the city is amorous, the air filled with so much love and passion. For those who want to be deeply awed, it’s the city of lights. Because of these, there are thousands of tourists who are willing to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars just to get a feel of the Parisian life.


When to Go

The best times to go to Paris are during the months of December and January, when the entire city is lit up with too many Christmas lights. You can also go here during the months of June, September, and March. You would not find a lot of the establishments open during August. There are also too many people around the area. If you’re a beach lover, you can visit France during summertime. Most of the locales troop to the beaches or travel to the countryside, and you can do the same.


How to Travel

You definitely have plenty of choices when it comes to your mode of transportation. First, you can travel by plane. Majority of the cities all over the world have direct flights to Paris. If not, then you can board connecting flights. Most of the airlines can also cater to passengers who are bound to Paris. If you come from any country in Europe, you can go to Paris, France, through train.

When you’re in the city, you have the option to ride a taxi or a car. You can call a “rent a car” service even before you arrive, or you can stay at a hotel that offers airport shuttle. If you’ve just arrived, it may be wise to have a chauffeur drive you from the airport to your accommodation. Traffic can be heavy, something that you don’t want to go through when you still have your jet lag.

Another option is to hail a cab, which can actually be pretty expensive. So far, there are two main companies that are operating taxis all over Paris. These are Taxis G7 and Taxis Bleus. If the taxi doesn’t belong to any one of them, it means that it is non-regulated. If you happen to pick this one, ensure that you can agree on a fixed price even before you leave. Drivers tend to abuse the ignorance of some of the tourists.

When you want to hit the countryside, you can take the bus and train, which are cheaper selections. There are major bus liners in the city, and they usually leave their bus stops in 15-minute interval.

Where to Stay

There are more than 1,000 hotels in Paris. That already gives you an idea that you will never run out of a place to stay whenever you arte in the city. They are classified according to their star ratings. Of course, five-star hotels are a lot expensive than those with lower stars. However, if you think that hotels are out of budget for you, you can still choose between a hostel and a pension house. The former is perfect for backpackers or for those who spend most of their time touring the city. If you want more privacy or if you’re going to spend much longer time here, your best pick will be an apartment. It’s ideal to give the accommodation a call, though, and make your reservations. During peak season, most of them are quickly filled up.
Novotel Paris Les Halles

Where to Go

Paris is very rich in culture. They put high value in fashion, food, history, culture, and a lot more. These things make Paris a very beautiful and worth-visiting city. There are a lot of good places to visit whenever you’re in Paris that we cannot surely cover them all. Thus, we may try to focus on those that are frequently photographed and talked about.

Paris - Eiffel Tower

First on the list is the Eiffel Tower, which stands several meters up high. It’s a symbol of the ties between the United States and France. Because of its gigantic size and the way it twinkles when lighted at night, there are more than 6 million tourists who would drop by here. It also offers a lift, which you can ride to give you a broader view of the entire city.

Paris - Louvre

Then you have the Louvre, which is the oldest museum in all of Europe. It’s famous for its impeccable triangular-shaped glass cover and its most precious painting: the Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci. There are also exquisite pieces, the oldest of which date back to the creation of civilization.

Paris - Arch de Triomphe

If you feel like the height of the Eiffel Tower is too much for you, you can opt for the Arch de Triomphe. It was built by Napoleon Bonaparte to celebrate the victories of the French during their wars. Just like in the Eiffel Tower, it offers guests a lift, which will give them a good view of Paris.

For more history of Paris, don’t forget to go to Place de la Bastille, which holds a very special role in the history of Paris and the rest of France. It used to be a prison for political leaders who went against the rule of King Charles VI. Today, it served to be the symbol of liberty. Most of the political demonstrations are held here. There are also plenty of gardens in Paris, which include Tuileries Garden, Left Bank Luxembourg Garden, and Jardin des Plantes.

Night Life in Paris

You don’t only get to experience Paris during daytime. Even at night the city just comes alive. If you’re the regular party goer, there are several clubs and bars all over the city, carrying a wide variety of themes. For those who love to snuggle a book, you can bring one in any of the al fresco restaurants or café in the metropolis or near the river Seine. Since culture is a central theme in the city, you can attend operas or watch theatrical performances. You can read the papers if you want to know the schedule.

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