Enjoy the Sites and Sounds of Austria in Tourotel Mariahilf, Vienna

Vienna, the capital of the European country Austria, is a popular tourist destination, and with good reason. Besides the city center being a UNESCO World Heritage site, Vienna is simply just a sight to behold. It holds some of the world’s most breathtaking natural wonders, having numerous park facilities all over the city, for examples. These would include the Vienna Botanic Gardens, the Lainzer Tiergarten, and the Stadpark, among others. Austria also boasts some of the most astounding human-made attractions such as the Schonbrunn and Hofbrug (both imperial palaces), art museums that attract more than eight million visitors a year, and churches and cathedrals like the St. Stephen’s Cathedral, the Schottenkirche, the Peterskirche, and the Minoritenkirche, among others.

Tourotel Mariahilf, Vienna

And, of course, just like any other city, Vienna is a great place to go shopping, to sample the country’s popular delicacies, or to just simply enjoy the beauty Austria can offer. But if you are tourist, you can only enjoy these sites and attractions if you stay at one of the country’s more esteemed and more respectable hotel. In this respect, Tourotel Mariahilf is one of the best accommodations for tourists or even locals who want to enjoy Austria.

Tourotel Mariahilf, Austria is located near the country’s longest shopping street—an amenity in itself. After all, as they say, one of the best ways to truly know a country is to visit where the citizens normal shop. Hence, Tourotel Mariahilf would allow you to enjoy what it is to be in Austria. Of course, it offers the usual hotels amenities and services. But what sets Tourotel Mariahilf apart is how it melds with its environment, as if you are part of the country and the community. This is not too surprising, since Tourotel Mariahilf is set in a traditional Viennese property. It is exactly how you imagined a hotel in Vienna would look like—exteriors that looked more like a palace’s rather than a hotel’s. The rooms of the hotel are fairly simply affairs, with rustic designs to add an authentic feel and reflect the city’s overall character. While they are simple, the rooms are not inadequate; they are spacious and gives off this light, uncluttered feel to help visitors relax.

Tourotel Mariahilf, Vienna

Tourotel Mariahilf is also one of the most practical hotels to be in, thanks to its amenities. For one, it offers Internet connection; a must for businessmen or even ordinary tourists and locals who need to stay connected with others even during their Austrian vacation or stay. The hotel also offers a coin-operated Laundromat. Most of the time, visitors have to rely on a hotels’ laundry service that are usually expensive. This is no longer a problem in Tourotel Mariahilf, especially for visitors who plan to stay long in the city but want to bring minimal luggage. The hotel also offers two restaurants, which offer the best of both worlds when it comes to cuisine. There’s the Mariahilder Brau, a place that serves traditional Austrian dishes. The setting here is informal, almost rustic, to give diners a feel of a real Austrian dinner or household. And then there’s the Wienerwald, which offers international food for visitors who do not want to experiment with local cuisine. Of course, visitors will not stay in the hotel for most of their stay. They need to soak up some Austrian sun to enjoy the city’s many splendid sights. Tourotel Mariahilf offers tour assistance for tourists and locals who want to venture the city and its many attractions.

Best of all, Tourotel Mariahilf is very reasonable priced. For all its worth, this hotel is one of the best deals anyone can find in the country.

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