Mexico City

08 Jan, 2009

Mexico City is a combination of both good and new, of ancient and modern civilizations. Simply put, being here is like getting a taste of the best of both worlds. Moreover, there are plenty of activities that someone can look forward to here. The mountains and seas are superb for the adventurous. A walk among the old towns is ideal for historians and art lovers. For those who love to satisfy their gastronomic juices can opt for great samples of Mexican dishes.

Mexico City

When to Go

You can enjoy Mexico City the entire year; however, the months of May to October since to be the most ideal time, especially if you love to bask in the sun. The months of December until February may be too cold for you to handle. Temperatures can surely drop to several degrees below Fahrenheit. You can also watch out for popular festivals and celebrations in Mexico City, such as their Holy Week and the holidays. If you don’t like to deal with a lot of tourists, avoid the peak seasons.

Mexico City

How to Travel

Transportation is never a problem in Mexico. There are a lot of direct and connecting flights from your location to Mexico City. There are also two major airports, and they are all peppered with excellent facilities that you will surely enjoy. When you are in Mexico City, you can take the bus, train, or taxi. You can also inquire from your accommodation if they offer free airport transfer service, so there’s no need for you to hail the cab.

Mexico City is a very large city, and it’s not advisable for any tourist to drive their own car. This is because the road can be so complex. If you want something cheaper, you can opt to ride the bus, which are countless. There are those that are operated by the government as well as by private franchisees. Those that provide additional perks to their passengers, such as food and entertainment may be cost a little more than the others. But you are guaranteed of comfort.

Taxis are, of course, expensive than buses, but then you don’t need to share the ride with others. The licensed ones are commonly converted Volkswagen, and they are painted green.

Where to Stay

When it comes to your accommodation, there are a lot of options that you can take, and usually, it depends on your budget. It also depends on what district you are in. For example, if you are looking for hostels and pension houses that are very cheap, you can proceed to Centro Historico. The most expensive ones are currently found in the district of Polanco. You will also be happy to know that majority of the budget-priced hotels and motels can already provide you with entertainment and comfort. They already come with restrooms, cable TV, and a wide single or double bed. There are also others that have excellent views of the city. There are also accommodation units that are dorm types, which means you get to share the room with other backpackers and travelers. It may cost you less than $10 a night.

You will never miss out the hotels in Mexico City, because they can be as high as 42 stories or more. They also offer better and world-class amenities and services. However, get ready to spend as much as hundreds to thousands of dollars a day.

Where to Go

Because Mexico City is a favorite tourist destination, there are already several tours that you can choose from. This can be provided by the accommodation that you have chosen, or by travel agencies. There are day tours, walk tours, historical tours, and a lot more.

Nevertheless, you can visit Medico City on your own. There’s only one tip for you, though: walk slowly. This is how you will be able to notice and observe the several buildings and works of art that you can find in the metropolis.

If you love history, you can visit the many museums in the area. You can start at Templo Mayor in Zocalo. Then, you have Museo de Arte and Museo del Juguete Antiguo, which is just very near the metro. You also don’t want to miss the old basilicas and churches in the area such as Basilica de Guadalupe. Most of the public places are also laden with history, and this includes Patronize A Plaza found in Centro Historico.

For the lovers of the environment, you can drop by the countless gardens in the metropolis, such as Xochimilco and the ones that you can see in the UNAM campus. Viveros is a nursery that is presently a work in progress. It has been a subject of reforestation. You can still visit this place, however, and enjoy the jogging and hiking trails that are 2 kilometers long.

Other good places to visit in Mexico City are Angel de la Independencia, Ciudad Universitaria, Plaza de la Constitucion, Plaza Garibaldi, Coyoacan, Mexico City National Cemetery, Torre Mayor, Fine Arts Palace Museum, Jose Luis Cuevas Museum, Rufino Tamayo Museum, and Dolores Olmedo Museum. For those authentic Mexican souvenirs, you can go to shopping malls or hit the crafts market, where you can get superb discounts and great bargains on your chosen goods.

Night Life in Mexico City

Mexico City is just as alive as it is in during the daytime. The entire metropolis is filled with several choices. If you love to be treated with a very quiet night, perhaps in a café together with your good friends you can dine at the restaurants around Centro Historico. However, for the party goers, bars and clubs of all sizes and shapes are in San Angel, Polanco, and Coyocoan, to name a few.

Just like the rest of the night clubs in major parts of the world, most of the Mexican clubs are open very late. They also close late, such as very early in the morning. It’s ideal if you choose another activity on Sunday, as most of these establishments are closed.

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