Experience Irish Beauty and Hospitality at Loch Lein Country Hotel, Ireland, Killarney

Loch Lein Country Hotel

Many things have been said about the Irish, but there is one thing among these hearsays that still hold true even today: the existence of the so-called Irish hospitality. Of course, they say that most countries with a strong tourism industry are “hospitable,” but the hospitability of the Irish is very different. Irish hospitality is real and sincere, and not just a put to lure tourists and visitors. In any case, it isn’t too difficult to believe that the natives of this country are hospitable indeed. After all, if you live in a country as beautiful as Ireland, wouldn’t you be hospitable too?

Killarney is one of Ireland’s biggest tourism spots. In fact, it has the second most number of hotel beds in the country, with Dublin being the first. Killarney’s appeal may be experience by its rich tourism history; ever since the 1700s, this town (dubbed as the country’s best kept town) has been attracting visitors. In 1861, Queen Victoria’s visit to this small but glorious town gave it international renown and exposure. And since then, this exposure has worked well for Killarney. Some of the town’s attractions include the Killarney National Park, the Lakes of Killarney, the Muckross House, and the Ross Castle, among others. Killarney is also popular for its nightlife, especially during the summer. It boasts a wide range of bars, pubs, and clubs, for everyone to enjoy.

Loch Lein Country Hotel

Of course, in order to enjoy Killarney and Ireland, you must stay at a place that offers the best of what the country has to offer. Loch Lein Country Hotel offers exactly that—hospitality. Other hotels are also hospitable too, of course, since this their part of the deal with hotels, but with Loch Lein Country Hotel you will feel that this hospitality is real and sincere. It is not a put on—it is as if feel you are part of one big family, as if you are just staying right at the comforts of your relative’s house, where the crew and the staff of the hotel are interested in making your stay comfortable because you are concerned about you.

In fact, most of the online reviews about this quaint hotel in Killarney are saying the exact same thing. Many claim that a stay in the Loch Lein Country Hotel is like having a complete rest—as if you never left your house. But, of course, you did, and you will feel it because of the pristine surroundings of the hotel. Almost all of the reviews commend the hospitality of the staff, and especially the service given by the owners of the hotel, Paul and Annette Corridan. Even although they owners of this hotel, they make sure that everything is in order—to the littlest concerns such as the complimentary items the guests receives to the quality of the accommodations.

Loch Lein Country Hotel

The main draw of the Loch Lein Country Hotel is the place itself, which gives off an aura of comfort and familiarity. The hotel is not overly extravagant to the point that you’ll feel completely out of place. Instead, comfort is given premium. But this doesn’t mean that hotel itself is Spartan—the hotel is marvelous in a simple way, the way you would imagine your own personal vacation house. The hotel also offers a great view of the Lakes of Killarney. After relaxing, you can soak in the sun and play some golf, take a hike, fish, or dine at the hotel’s famed Legends Restaurant. Truly, Killarney is a marvelous place, and a stay at the Loch Lein Country Hotel would prove to you and everyone else that Killarney’s reputation around the world is well-deserved.

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