Experience the Real Baltimore in Henderson’s Wharf Inn

Henderson's Wharf Inn

Baltimore is one of the most prominent places in American fiction and art. For instance, Baltimore is the setting of one of the most popular movie-turned-musical in history, “Hairspray.” In fact, the opening song of the movie and the musical is titled “Good Morning Baltimore,” making this independent city in the state of Maryland (of course, in America) an important part of this iconic movie and musical. Besides this, Baltimore has figured in movies, literature, music, and theater—proving that, while not as popular as other tourist spots like New York and Los Angeles, Baltimore can hold its own against the other cities in the country as a tourist landmark.

Baltimore is known for its cultural attractions and its performing arts scene. The Inner Harbor, on the other hand, is an iconic landmark not just in the city but in the entire state of Maryland. Because Baltimore is one of the major United States seaports, it is expected that the city mainly relies on this body of water as its main attraction. This allure makes Baltimore very scenic, especially with its distinct architectural style. Therefore, it is expected that one of the best and the most splendid accommodations in the city of Baltimore has something to do with water.

Henderson's Wharf Inn

Henderson’s Wharf Inn is one of the most renowned hotels in Baltimore. This inn is very scenic, especially at night, as it is located beside the bay. The light coming from the hotel is illuminated by the water, giving off the most surreal sight anyone could see. What adds flavor to the Henderson’s Wharf Inn is its unique exteriors—a combination of traditional and old school design and a modern style. The waterfront, meanwhile, gives off an aura of romance, perfect for honeymooners and couples who want to bask in this relaxing feel. This hotel, considered a boutique hotel, is near several landmarks and attractions, as well as other business establishments, making one’s stay in the city convenient and completely enjoyable.

However, many agree that a stay in the Henderson’s Wharf Inn is, in itself, an experience. This is among the highest rated hotels in the city as reviewed by Frommer’s and Zagat, among others. The hotel also claims that it is considered as among the “best hidden gems” of all the hotels in the United States. This claim is not too surprising, given what the hotel can offer. For instance, the old school charm of the Henderson’s Wharf Inn is like nothing anyone could see in the country. Most hotels are dominated by unattractive and confounding design styles that aim to impress rather than to provide guests with comfort. In Henderson’s Wharf Inn, style is combined with function. This is evident in the entire hotel, of course. It is located in one of the most scenic places in the Inner Harbor, but it does not mean that it is secluded from the important places in the city. The rooms are well-designed without sacrificing comfort and familiarity by going to far in terms of style.

Henderson's Wharf Inn

Of course, it does not lack the usual features such as satellite television, free Internet connection, and other state of the art features and amenities. Guests are even given free wine when they arrive, plus access to a fitness center and a restaurant-café that serves meals all day round.
When all these are added up, it is not surprising that Henderson’s Wharf Inn is considered as a hidden treasure not just in Baltimore or Maryland, but in the whole country. Baltimore is a beautiful city that can easily be enjoyed thanks to its spectacular beauty, but it is most enjoyable when one stays at the Henderson’s Wharf Inn.

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