Why You Need a Good Hotel to Stay In: Staying at French Quarter Inn, Charleston

French Quarter Inn, Charleston

They say that a vacation can be defined by where you stay for the duration of your trip. Your accommodation is like your ticket to living the life the locals live. This hold true even if you are just traveling to another state and it is very significant if you travel to another country. Nonetheless, what’s certain is that the accommodation is very important; get a lousy hotel or transient house and you’re sure your vacation will be ruined. This is why a lot of thought goes into choosing one’s accommodations. It is simply not just a matter of finding a place to say within the vicinity of your preferred place; it is a matter of finding a place within close proximity to important landmarks and establishments, finding, a place with the necessary and important features, amenities, and services, and a place that will give you comfort in a relaxed—and hopefully unique—environment.

French Quarter Inn, Charleston

All these elements can be found at the French Quarter Inn in Charleston, South Carolina. As the name already implies, the French Quarter Inn is French-themed, complete with fireplaces and elegant rooms. This will make you feel relaxed and comfortable, which will prove to be important after a long day’s travel or sightseeing around the majestic and scenic city of Charleston. Comfort is the most important factor you should look at in a hotel. You have to be certain that you can rest well in your hotel. The hotel must not have characteristics or certain elements that might distract you. The elegant French décor of the rooms are simply exquisite, but they do not hinder with the functionality of the rooms in the hotel. The rooms are oversized in both height and width for maximum mobility and comfort. They also have amenities like CD players, high speed Internet, ironing boards, clock radios, and hair dryers—all of which are usual hotel fares. But most of all, the rooms in the French Quarter Inn will make you feel as if you are not just in your usual bedroom, since the rooms in itself are sights to behold. Staying at the rooms of French Quarter Inn, Charleston is already an experience—an experience that can compliment your visit to Charleston.


Proximity to important landmarks and establishments is another important element of a good hotel. Given the numerous attractions in a practical city, it is impossible for a hotel to be so close to all landmarks and attractions. However, a good hotel should be close enough most of them; and if it isn’t, public transportation should be conveniently near the hotel. Again, if public transport is not available, the hotel should give services for transportation. All these are present in French Quarter Inn, making the experience of visiting Charleston easier for you.

Lastly, the amenities and the services. Besides the amenities in the rooms, the hotel itself should offer convenient to the guests. It should have shops and restaurants within the hotel, as well as swimming pools, gyms, and other recreational and fitness centers. The French Quarter Inn boasts of the Tristan Restaurant. Tristan offers a unique American menu that infuses a number of global influences to add a certain flavor to the familiar cuisines of the country. Meanwhile, the hotel makes sure their guests feels welcome with free afternoon wine and cheese, complimentary evening cookies and milk, free continental breakfast, boutique shops, and other services.

French Quarter Inn, Charleston

In addition, the rates of French Quarter Inn are reasonable, especially if you consider the service the hotel gives. Normal accommodations make a vacation easier for the tourists. Good accommodations, on the other hand, add pleasure to the already pleasant experience. This is what French Quarter Inn does, and why it is named by many organizations as one of the best hotels in the whole country.

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