What You’re Looking for in a Hotel, You Can Find at Desert Riviera Hotel, California


California is among the most popular and most populous American states. It is also among the favorite tourist spots in the country. Whether they are local or international tourists, they always find something to do in sunny California. California is home to Hollywood, after all, as well as other iconic locations and landmarks. Because of this popularity, it isn’t too difficult to find a hotel in this state. After all, tourism is among its chief source of revenue. But finding a hotel in a place like California can still be frustrating especially with all the choices out there. Every hotel, after all, will claim that it is in the center of all the top tourist locations. So how can a tourist access a hotel in California when everyone is putting their best foot forward?

Among the choices in California is the Desert Riviera Hotel. The Desert Riviera Hotel cannot be considered as among the swankiest and the most luxurious hotels in the state. But while it cannot boast of these qualifications, the Desert Riviera Hotel is still a prime choice because of the following reasons.

Location: This is the most important factor when choosing a hotel in tourist place. However, no matter what most hotels claim, a hotel can never be at the center of everything. Remember that California is a very big state, so the main attractions are far from each other. The Desert Riviera Hotel is located in Palm Springs. Palm Springs is among the more popular cities in California. The hotel never claims to be near Los Angeles and other popular attractions—because anyone who’d do a simple Google search would know that it simply isn’t. Los Angeles is around 100 miles away from Palm Springs. Instead, the Desert Riviera Hotel boasts of what the area and the hotel itself have to offer. Pal Springs is known for horseback riding, hiking, tennis, swimming, and golf, among other activities, so these are exactly what guests of the Desert Riviera Hotel can expect.

Amenities: Of course, the hotel itself has to have top of the line amenities and features so the guests can enjoy their previous vacation time. The rooms of the Desert Riviera Hotel are simple affairs with the usual hotel features such as cable television, adequate bathrooms, and high speed Internet access within the hotel vicinity, among others. The hotel also has a limousine service that can pick up guests from the airport at their arrival. The service is also available during night outs in Palm Springs. Other services include spa treatments, a lending library of books, magazines, DVDs, and board games, and a sparkling heated pool.

Activities: Beyond the pristine confines of the hotel lie several attractions. These attractions include the several day spa centers in Palm Springs, the aerial tram (which makes what is considered as among the most scenic views in the country accessible), off road tours, the living desert, casinos, rock climbing, botanical gardens, architectural and celebrity tours, the Pal Springs art museum, the windmill tour, and other sights and activities. Guests will never run out of activities to do in Palm Springs and in Desert Riviera Hotel.
Price: The price range of Desert Riviera Hotel is among the most affordable and the most reasonable in the area. But while their rates are not expensive, they do not hold back on amenities and features, making this hotel a must-try.

Again, the Desert Riviera Hotel never claims to be what it is not. It is a charmingly simply but attractive hotel that offers the best of what Palm Springs has. You can never go wrong with accommodations like the Desert Riviera Hotel in California.

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